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The Universe’s dissymmetry


In the first part of the XIX century for the first time L. Pasteur came close to the idea of existence of a special factor in the nature unknown to science which became a reason for an open phenomenon of a molecular dissymmetry. As V.I. Vernadskiy wrote that “Pasteur said that if the direct creations of life are dissymmetrical – this is only because dissymmetric cosmic forces took part in their design. Up to my mind, it is one of the links between life on the Earth and the Cosmos i.e. the aggregate of forces finding themselves in the Universe.”

The scientists of the XIX-XX centuries who dealt with the problem of dissymmetry vice-or-versa came to the conclusion that dissymmetry in a matter should be defined by the Cosmic forces. It is obvious that in the biosphere molecular and cellular dissymmetries are connected only with a living matter but the Earth’s biosphere has been formed for million years under the influence of some outer forces. The discovery of the Earth’s Form Field points out that the Earth is a complicated organism that is indissolubly related to the Cosmos surrounding it and it is created in the image and likeness of the Cosmos; the phenomenon of energetic dissymmetry in the space of the biosphere is a function of the Universe’s dissymmetry. I.e. existence of leftism-rightism energy in the Earth’s biosphere is the evidence of its existence in the Universe provided for by appropriate left and right cosmic forces. This insight is reflected in V.I. Vernadskiy’s hypotheses.

The law of energetic dissymmetry’s distribution discovered in the Earth’s biosphere tells us that in the whole Cosmos there should exist a similar structure of interacting equivalent form fields in which either left or right forces prevail. This conclusion acknowledges the Curie’s principle as well that: “dissymmetrical phenomenon is caused by the similar dissymmetrical reason”. Herewith, as P. Curie wrote, dissymmetry comes into existence thanks to a superposition of forces of two fields which are unequal one to another. I.e. P. Curie considered energetic dissymmetry as imbalance of the fields of two types.

Thus spatial organization similar to cellular structure of leftism-rightism energy distribution in the Earth’s Form Field should be observed in Cosmos as well which is confirmed by the effect discovered by V.A. Dzhanibekov. Presumably the structure of the Earth’s Form Field also manifests in a structural organization of a gravitative field of the planet. The scientists claim that the power of gravitative field of the Earth is different in different fields. BBC agency published a gravimetric map of the Earth created on the basis of the European cosmic agency’s investigations (Pic.1). On the picture one may see that the structure of the gravitative field of the planet is similar to the structure of the Earth’s Form Field according to its organization. The structure of the Form Field of the nearest cosmic space to the Earth manifests in the structure of the gravitative field of the Earth with the following dimensions: 2500; 2000 and 500 km. Probably it is a reflection of the effect revealed by V.A. Dzhanibekov during his work in the open space.

Surely the dimensions of the cellular structure in the Universe have different scopes than those in the Earth’s Form Field. As a matter of fact the phenomenon of the Universe’s dissymmetry is the discovered in the XXI century phenomenon – “dark axis”. It is named “an axis” due to the fact that an extended sphere around which there is an orientation of the whole Universe’s structure is discovered. The illustration of this phenomenon is given according to NASA web-site on Pic. 2.

The term “dark axis” came out thanks to the data obtained from WMAP American cosmic sonde in 2005. This name was given by cosmologist Joao Mageiju who studied epibiotic radiance of the galaxy (background microwave radiance). When monitoring “warm” and “cold” fields of the Universe he educed that the changes of epibiotic radiance are not located at random fashion but in an order. Besides it was noticed that this phenomenon manifests in an imbalanced quantity of left- and right-spiral galaxies in different places of the sky. Baseline design of “dark axis” was found at distribution of a surplus or deficit of muons21 on the celestial sphere. This discovery was made when analyzing the data about cosmic muons registered by Cherenkov detector “Superkamiokande” in Japan. During the observation cycle of 1662 days on the whole the detector registered more than 200 million of muons connected with cosmic rays. Radiance of their radiants’ distribution in the celestial sphere witnessed anizotrophy i.e. a sustained imbalanced distribution of “warm” and “cold” fields. All these cosmic phenomena count in favour of existence of Universal dissymmetrical order manifesting in the Earth’s Form Field as well.

In V.I. Vernadskiy’s article “Studying of life’s phenomena and new physics” written in 1931 there was a suggestion of a system of new knowledge reckoning the peculiarity of a living matter which is connected with the phenomenon of dissymmetry; energetic manifestations of leftism-rightism in the nature and universal correlations among the Cosmos, the biosphere and a living cell. In this work V.I. Vernadskiy suggests a number of provisions on which “new physics” should have been based, the main of which lies in the fact that “rightism-leftism is a geometrical property of the space” . In this work we got assured that leftism and rightism are connected not only with material environ, with a matter but with the space surrounding us, with existence of a field in it possessing geometrical characteristics different from properties of the known types of correlations. Once again in his work V.I. Vernadskiy returns to the affirmation that namely the phenomenon of dissymmetry in the biosphere led to origin of life on the Earth and provides its existence. Experimental observation and leftism-rightism energy distribution studying and energetic dissymmetry in the Earth’s biosphere acknowledge V.I. Vernadskiy’s hypotheses. The author’s discovery of left organism on a par with right organisms (revealed by L. Pasteur in 1848) and the law of distribution of two types of people on the Earth in interaction with the Earth’s Form Field structure acknowledge another V.I. Vernadskiy’s hypothesis.

P. Curie laid down the main principle of dissymmetry that states that “in the basis of any phenomenon possessing a dissymmetry there should be a reason with the similar dissymmetry”. He declared that there should exist two fields for the origin of dissymmetry: one of them should possess leftism, the other one – rightism i.e. fields which in a superposition bear the phenomenon of energetic dissymmetry making attempts to discover dissymmetry in an electromagnetic field. But after P. Curie as V.I. Vernadskiy writes: “No one picked up the thread that dropped out of his hands”.

Anew in the middle of the XX century biophysicists remembered about leftism and rightism in living organisms. But many of them often substituted the term “dissymmetry” by the term “asymmetry” which made and makes a disappointing fuss in scientific works. Today in the manuals for higher educational institutions it is impossible to find a right definition for a molecular dissymmetry. And only a few scientists considered dissymmetry of objects to be not in connection with their asymmetry but in connection with existence of imbalanced compound of left and right forms of molecules in a matter. Taking into consideration this fact it is necessary to point out the works of the Russian biophysicist V.A. Kizel. In the book “Physical reasons for a dissymmetry of living systems” he posed the questions and made an attempt of seeing into the reasons and mechanisms of origin and support of molecular dissymmetry in a living matter starting from molecules and ending up with a living system on the whole in a hallmark of stereomolecular interactions. V.A. Kizel is one of the scientists who considered dissymmetry’s properties stated by P. Curie, one of which is that “a dissymmetry in a matter arises as a result of pile-up of two different fields” that does not go against the primary “dissymmetry” definition given by L. Pasteur. Namely V.A. Kizel performs an aggregate analysis with a view to energetic dissymmetry with all known fields and interactions in the XX century. Not having got a conclusive explanation for the mechanism of dissymmetry’s origin within the frames of admitted field theories and not giving precedence to any of them, he leaves the question open. It is important that his works also acknowledge the existence of some unknown factor in the biosphere responsible for the phenomenon of an energetic dissymmetry in it.

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