Pathogenic zones

A new view on abnormal phenomena in terms of Fine Field concept in natural science


Lately many people all over the world have become more interested in the problem of existence of areas in the nature which are dangerous for health and are unfavorable for life. Such areas are called pathogenic i.e. «which bear a disease». These areas are often considered to be «geopathogenic areas» (from Greek (ge) the Earth + (phatos) suffer + genetic). The prefix «geo-» means that the reason for pathogenicity is the Earth itself. In Russia the problem of geopathogenic areas was studied by A.P.Dubrovi. He pointed out the main versions forplaces of pathogenic areas’ origin: snaps between tectonic plates; crossings of underground water flows; cavities in the upper layer of the Earth core; intersections of Hartmann and Curie nets. He considered that a factor of electromagnetic nature might affect a human being in these areas. In fact the matter of the nature, locations of pathogenic areas and their properties remained open till the end of the last century. The revealing of Form Field of the Earth by V.A.Nekrasov, its structure elements, its properties and geometrical constitution helped to solve the problem of existence of pathogenic areas in the biosphereii. As a result of investigations in different corners of the Earth he has made up the following conclusions:

- plots of snaps or cracks in a tectonic plate are not pathogenic. For example, the main territory of Russia and the territory of many European countries has a location on the unite plate and the people who live on this territory as well as the people who live next to tectonic snaps have the same diseases, including oncological diseases;

- claims about pathogenicity of plots of «crossings of underground water flows» also raise doubts. According to evidence of drilling rigs’ workers they have not naturally faced such phenomena. There are layers filled with water or oil under the earth at various levels with might represent intercommunicating vessels but no «crossing of underground rivers» was witnessed by anybody;

- claimsabout the fact that «intersections of Hartmann and Curie (Curry) nets might be pathogenic or cause cancer» do not hold water. If we suppose that this version was right then almost the whole space of the biosphere was pathogenic because a step of these cells can be compared with average sizes of a mammal’s organism. I.e. the whole population of the planet could have oncological diseases and besides none of these versions vice or versa is not connected with some «special» electromagnetic radiation.

The revealing of the geometrical constitution of the space of the biosphere helped to reveal a secret of pathogenic areas in it. The biosphere of our planet is characterized by a stable geometrical energetic structure, the main qualities of which are left and right energies and energetic dissymmetry. The geometrical structure of the bigger part of the biosphere is organized in accordance with the Golden Section proportion and it is a morphogenetic beginning and the main source of energetic nutrition for all living organisms. This part of the space around the Earth is intended for harmonic, healthy and long life. At the same time there are plots in the structure of Form Field of the Earth not intended for a healthy life of a human being, animals or plants. After a long stay in such areas there is a possibility to obtain a certain disease.

These plots in the Form Field of the Earth are represented as rays of a conical shape. The energy in them has a direction from the side of the Cosmos, not from the side of the Earth and this is one of the main properties which distinguish them from speculative geopathogenic areas. In pathogenic rays (areas) the harmonic law of leftism-rightism energy distribution and energetic dissymmetry is infringed. Due to its pathogenic influence on a biospheric matter these areas in the biosphere of the Earth were called «biospheric pathogenic areas» (BPA) by V.A.Nekrasov. In some of pathogenic areas there is an effect of shrinkage, in the other ones – the effect of expansion.

The outlook showed that there is always an area with an effect of its expansionclose to the location of areas with an effect of substance shrinkage. Besides in some areas prevailed are left-handed powers, in the others – righthanded powers i.e. rightism is strongly marked in one biospheric pathogenic areas and in the other ones –leftism. That is why biospheric pathogenic areas are also divided into left and right areas. The rays of biospheric pathogenic areas pass practically without any weakening through the buildings with any number of floors exposing all the living matters on its way to unhealthy impact. Biospheric pathogenic areas are the first reason for a big number of diseases among which are: oncological, Crone disease, tuberculosis, diseases of locomotor system, diseases of endocrine system, skin diseases, mental diseases.

According to the character of pathogenic effect on the organism of a human these areas are divided into two types: «Onco» and «Crone»iii. «Onco» areas have an effect of shrinkage and the «Crone» areas have an effect of weakening of links between the molecules or cells of a matter. For instance, if an «Onco» ray goes through the bed of the road, due to the effect of shrinkage there appear hillocks (puffs) on it. Lower humidity is registered in the rays of «Onco» areas. The ability of these areas to tighten up a matter exhibits in the ability to raise ejection above the surface of the ground (volcano activity). The investigation of the topography of the volcano activity fields shows that they coincide with the location of the «Onco» areas in the biosphere.

A human being finding himself in the BPA «Onco» suffers effect of the «squeeze» which may be accompanied by headaches to the extent of loss of consciousness. Tumors developing in human beings, animals or plants under the effect of the area of this type have a tight character. When living in the «Onco» area a human being might have a number of diseases among them are: cancer and psoriasis. In the BPA «Crone» any matter is prone to un-charging. It exhibits in weakening of inter-molecular, inter-cellular and other links that lead to a quick destruction, corrosion, wearing-out and ageing of any matter. A human being suffers lack of air in the «Crone» area. The tumors developing in human beings or plants in the «Crone» areas have a lesser density than in the «Onco» area. The effect of BPA «Crone» has an impact on animals as well. «Crone» areas possess an ability to cumulate water in its space and even raise water from the nearest layer of water.

The areas of this type attribute to origin of so called «springs» or «Crone sources» on the surface of the Earth. It is important to know that the water from these sources is dangerous for the health of a human. In the «Crone» areas there might be bulges or even columns of water on the water surfaces, and when the water is freezing, there might be bulges made of loose ice. Pilots often notice a rise of water in the ocean in the «Bermudian triangle». On 11 April 1963 the pilots of «Boeing-707» saw a water dome measuring up to several hundreds of meters in the diameter. On ordinary days when the weather is fine there might be a slight rise of water in «Crone» rays but there are days when the water may rise up to several dozens and even hundreds of meters on the ray. The impact of «Crone» areas on automobile roads manifests in sinkhole collapse.

The most cases of sinkhole collapses on the roads as well as houses’, bridges’ and other buildings’ collapses, conduct pipes’ destructions are connected with BPA «Crone». The «Crone» area was the reason for the roof’s collapse in the airport «Charles de Gaules», France (2004); canopy’s collapse of the building near the entrance of the metro station Sennaya pl., Saint-Petersburg, (2006); collapse of the roof of the exposition pavilion in Catovice, Poland (2006); collapse of the building of the Basmanny market, Moscow (2007); collapse of the entrance side of the school building in Belyaevka village, Orenburg region (2008). Leftism or rightism of these areas is detected thanks to vector power informing of the direction of various processes in the nature including left and right atmospheric whirls. I.e. «Crone» areas appear to be centers of hurricanes’, typhoons’, sand-devils’ origin. The famous hurricanes «Catherin» (2007) and «Aizek» (2012) emerged in the one and the same spot of the space – in the «Crone» area of the right type, that is why the both hurricanes got the right spin of the air direction.

Herewith in five years the «Aizek» hurricane totally repeated the route of «Catherine». The «Sandy» hurricane (2012) originated in the «Crone» area of the left type and accordingly un-winded to the left side. The hurricanes with the left (Sandy) and the right (Aizek) spin emerged and spread in the North hemisphere of the Earth. I.e. the direction of polarization of the hurricanes (left and right) is impossible to explain only by means of Coriolice, because under this theory they must have the same direction in the one and the same hemisphere. We have found out that the time and the period type of the hurricane’s or sand-devils’ origin are connected with rhythms of changing of energetic dissymmetry in the biosphere. Biospheric pathogenic areas are important structural elements of the Form Field of the Earth which are summoned to solve definite matters in the life of the planet.

The energy of leftism and rightism in the geometrical structure of the biosphere is prone to a constant rhythmic variability. Revealed are the following rhythms of changes of biospheric energetic dissymmetry: daily; yearly and daily-yearlyiv. These rhythms have an impact on all the processes in the nature, as well as on the organism of a human being, his physical and mental state and also define: weather conditions; volcanic and seismic activities. The most interesting is the daily-yearly rhythm in which there are special peak days. On these days there occur abrupt rises of biospheric energetic dissymmetry that lead to changes in parameters of biospheric pathogenic areas. On peak days volcano activity intensifies, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricane, sand-devils occur.

On such days many drivers when crossing the border of «Crone» area might lose the control of the transport means. For example, accidents in «Lefortovo» tunnel in Moscow occur on peak days of daily-yearly rhythm and directly within the boundaries of the BPA «Crone». On peak days there might be failures in electronic devices’ work. For instance, on 4 September 2010 on the peak of daily-yearly rhythm the electronic system of hand-out and control of electronic tickets set back. On the peak day of 1 February 2011 the American system of rockets with nuclear warheads’ administration got out of control. For example, as the statistics showed, in 2011 and 2012 all the catastrophes connected with unsuccessful rocket launches and the first catastrophe of 2013 («Zarya» rocket) occurred on peak and pre-peak days of daily-yearly rhythm.

For the last 30 years much has been written about the «circles on fields». Plenty of hypotheses of the reasons for their origin is suggested: beginning with the UFO shuttles’ effect and ending with whirling motions in the magnetic field of the Earth. It is also known that some circles on fields originate as a result of human activity. Nevertheless, people have been facing this weird natural phenomena all the time. V.A.Nekrasov revealed the reason for «circles on fields’» origin in the nature. The grass lying in one direction, heads of grain varieties or absence of vegetation within the borders of a definite circle may originate only on the rays of «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas. Circles originating under the influence of biospheric pathogenic areas may be noticed in forests, in swamp terrains, on water, on ice, on rooftops, on road beds. The famous «circles on the Baikal» actually are the display of the «Crone» biospheric pathogenic area.

Scientists have been studying the nature of lightning-bolts for more than one hundred years. It is a well-known fact that the charge of the line bolt which goes between the surface of the Earth and the height above 3 km has to overcome a big layer of dielectric.Questions arise: «How do lightning-bolts reach the Earth ground during a storm?» V.A.Nekrasov found out the existence of stationary channels in which there are conditions for passage of bolt charges. These channels are rays of «Onco» biospheric pathogenic areas. The property of the areas of such type to tighten up the matter manifests in the ability for concentration of atmospheric electricity in them. I.e. only in the channel of «Onco» area the electrical chain is isolated providing the charge of planetary condenser which originates between the ionosphere and the Earth ground. As well «Onco» areas are the place of origin of bolt charges of lightning. Despite the fact that today many legends are connected with the lightning bolt and many doubt in its existence, naturally this phenomenon is widely spread and it is thoroughly studied. Lightning bolts appear only in «Onco» areas and on peak days of daily-yearly rhythm.

Lightning bolts are capable to save the charge and its entity overcoming various spheres (air, water, ice, glass, concrete and so on), leaving no damages on the way. Lightning bolts charges are registered deep under water as well. In the moment of its charge there occurs an explosion which is accompanied by a blinding flash. The character of damages by the lightning bolt shows why people and animals in «Onco» areas have inner damages without any outer changer: «… burns inside!v».The well-known tragedy that happened with the «Dyatlov group» in February 1959 might get an explanation within the frames of the knowledge about biospheric pathogenic areas. The character of people’s behavior, inner traumas and singes make it clear that they found themselves in «Onco» biospheric pathogenic area and were hit by lightning bolts originated in it. Another case of a human meeting with a lightning bolt in «Onco» biospheric pathogenic area was registered in Uzbekistan in 1975.

According to evidence, on the shore of Charvak storage reservoir not far from Usuphon village four young men got up because of unexplained fear at about three o’clock in the morning. A lighting ball was smoothly rising from the water in 700-800 m from the shore. As far as the ball rose there appeared concentric circles of various thickness and brightness around it.The shining sphere slowly got out of the water and also slowly rose over the lake. The witnesses of this case told that they suffered an animal-like fear which tied up their move sall that time. For example, on 12 October 1969 the crew of scientific and research vessel «Vladimir Vorobyev» witnessed a weird light phenomenon in the Bengal gulf starting from 23.30 within half an hour:there rotated a bright white spot of a diameter of 300-400 m around the vessel counter clock wise. The water investigation has not showed any luminant plankton.

It is extraordinary that right before the coming up of the lamination on the vessel there was a failure with the electric generator of trawl winch and after the coming up of the shining circles the sleeping sailors got up because of sense of fear. During this phenomenon the members of the crew suffered eardrum pressure and their condition, according to evidence of the head of the expedition Eduard Petrenko, «was close to panic». In the Pacific ocean near Kuril sailors have constantly witnessed a phenomenon which the dwellers of Japan and the Far East call «the burning circle», «shimmering cloud», «Kuril light». During this phenomenon compass needles start «dancing», people’s hair – cracking, silk clothes –knocking out long sparkles and some objects – shining, and people feel the sense of fear. The story of our colleague in whose house constantly occurred such phenomenonmay present the example of witnessing a lightning bolt.

As a rule, a shining ball of a tennis ball size passed the window and each time flew in the air counter clock wise on the same arc. Often the ball exploded with «deaf clap» accompanied by a faint ultraviolet flash or just disappeared passing its usual way. The investigation of the room showed that a left-typed «Onko» ray of biospheric pathogenic area passes in this part of the house. I.e. the direction of the lightning bolt movement is not chaotic. The lightning bolt always moved in accordance with the direction and on the same route –on the border of «Onco» area. In one of the villages of Tver region the dwellers constantly fall ill and die of oncological diseases. Within the village there have been witnessed lightning bolts of various sizes. One of the dwellers of the village became a witness of a tragic death of his father from a lightning bolt.

The investigation of the house showed that an «Onco» biosperic pathogenic area passes the house and its border liesin the part of the house where the tragedy took place. During the investigations of biospheric pathogenic «Onco» areas we have witnessed two cases of the shimmering of plates of the borders of the area of such type. The shimmering of the border of the area took place because of origin of a plenty of lightning bolt charges of small sizes on it and this happened regularly and only on the days of daily yearly rhythm. Thuswise unseen for human eyes rays of biospheric pathogenic areas «Onco» are the channels through which the charges of lightning bolts achieve the ground of the Earth and in which the changes of biospheric dissymmetry produce lightning bolts on peak days of daily-yearly rhythm.

Many ufologists keep on claiming that appearance of lightning bolts is linked with the UFO. Eye witnesses describe the UFO as single «shining balls» or as a group of such balls. Along with the known data about the fact that biospheric pathogenic areas have a significant impact on the mentality of a human being, it becomes clear that in most cases they witnessed not the paths of alien civilizations but the processes which accompany the excessive activity of «Onco» biospheric pathogenic areas and lightning bolts originated in them. The locations of the UFO’s appearance coincide with the topography of «Onco» biospheric pathogenic areas and peak days of daily-yearly rhythm.

Lately there have been many speculations about the mass mortality of birds in different corners of the Earth. Moreover neither biologists nor ecologists have presented any adequate and convincing answers to the questions about the «falling birds». Abstract explanations of ecologists were mainly based on the fact that the changed conditions of the environment were the reason for the mass mortality of the birds; electromagnetic fields of unknown origin; chemical pollutions of production enterprises. It is really of no secret that the human activity considerably changes the environment not for the better but the mass mortality of birds and fish is not connected with the regions with high anthropogenic pressure on the biosphere. Such phenomena were witnessed before. Mass mortality of birds was witnessed not only for the last yearsvi. By 2006 the epidemic of the «bird flu» has attracted special attention to the histories with «dead birds». Special interest was paid to the case which happened on 31 December 2011 in Arcansas commonwealth (the USA) when about three thousands of robins fell on one of the towns. Within several days about one hundred of dead jackdaws were found in one of the Swedish cities and at that time in Italy there were found hundreds and perhaps thousands of dead doves.

1. An eye witness from Vinsconsin commonwealth (the USA) wrote a message to the American Centre for collection of information on the UFO, that «on 8 January 2003 at 16.30 he noticed a bird flying not high above the ground. Suddenly it dashed into something and fell vertically on the road. The thing that it dashed into was something that was unseen for a man and a bird and had a sudden effect»;

2. In the Russian press in March 1990 there was a similar message from the journalist V.Sytenkov. He was an eye witness of the fact that a crow was flying along the river and suddenly fell dead vertically on the bank. This phenomenon was also seen by the fishers. One of them came up to the crow and wondered: «The crow is young and its death is so sudden as if it had hit something!».

3. Earlier there was information about the cases when the mortality of birds in the sky was also a mass one because of an unseen object. In Maryland commonwealth (the USA) above Saint Mary city in January 1969 something hit the flying ducks. Eye witnesses told about an impression as if there was an unseen and inaudible explosion among the flock;

4. Jatinga valley with the location in the mountains of Indian commonwealth Assam is well-known to the scientists for its reputation of «valley of the falling birds». On certain days of the year a big amount of the birds fall from the sky in this valley. The birds are alive when they fall but seem senseless, and the local people pick them up to use as food.

What is the reason for such phenomena? First, all the last cases connected with falling birds happened on peak days of daily-yearly rhythm. The given examples do not count in favor of ecological versions. We have found out the following regularity: the places of «circles on the fields» appearance (places of passage of rays of «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas) coincide with places where the birds fall. I.e. there is a high probability that birds get an energetic knock when crossing the border of «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areaon peak days of daily-yearly rhythm. On these days the birds which overfly the «Onco» area may get a knock from the lightning bolt charge. I.e. the unexplained behavior of birds and a human being in BPA «Onco» and «Crone» on peak and pre-peak days of daily-yearly rhythm are of one and the same nature.

The discoveries connected with geometrical structure of the biosphere and rhythmical variability of the biospheric energetic dissymmetry helped to give reasons to many natural phenomena which were unexplained before and allow us to consider the unknown before phenomena from the new point – from the point of the Fine Field Concept in natural science.

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