Medicine: yesterday, today and tomorrow


More than five hundred years ago in medieval Europe many physicians had a notion about two branches in medical art: an element and star one. Nowadays one of which is still developing as «pharmacopeial medicine», originated from the element medicine of that time, the founders of which are Galen, Hippocrates and Avicenna. Another branch in medicine is associated with application of geometrical shapes and called «star medicine».

A famous Swiss scientist and physician of the Middle Ages Paracelsus [1493-1541] developed and used in his practice the both branches in medicine, i.e. «element» and «star» one.

The causes of diseases can be different. Paracelsus singled out two basic ones: astral or star effect on a human (in a form of rays) and element – influence from poisons and waste products. In his book «Medicine Paramirum» about star medicine he wrote the following«…the number of stars diseases is considerably bigger, than the element ones» and: «Such diseases are treated by the appointed way, because the element medicine is absolutely powerless in such cases. The remedies come here from stars, as well as ordinary ones come from the earth, but there is a difference between them. The element medicine and its actions are physical and tangible; and the star medicine is immaterial, independent, individual and pure and it doesn’t need in alchemy for separating clear from dirty»[ 1].

Could a present scientist understand, what are true causes in the mechanism of origin of one or another disease, in case the knowledge of star diseases and star methods of therapy has been lost for some centuries? Even historians and biographers of Paracelsus could not fully and correctly interpret his ideas, moreover the basic part of his works is still not translated into the contemporary language. Nowadays Paracelsus remains one of the greatest riddle of history. What ways did a midieval scientist use to defeat cancer and consumption, which the modern medicine of the XXI century could not overcome? And what do the terms «star medicine» and «star diseases» mean?

For example, Paracelsus wrote, that the cause of consumption (today – tuberculosis) was a disease-producing ray from Cosmos, and to treat a human from this disease it needed to eliminate fatal consequences of its influence. C.G. Jung in his report «Paracelsus as a physician» wrote: «According to that Paracelsus developed sketches of many amulets and seals» 1. Franz Hartmann in the book «The Life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim Known by the Name of Paracelsus and The Substance of His Teachings» wrote, that Paracelsus successfully coped with the diseases, the cause of which was pathogenic rays, while the doctors, who used only the means of the element medicine, did not achieve their aims [2]. To eliminate the consequences of influence of a disease-producing «star sword» on a human it needs to use the methods of the star medicine, namely special geometrical patterns.

It was known, that in former times a humanity was a master of the star medicine. It had been in the times of the Pythagoreans before Paracelsus. That is confirmed by the explorations in the places of excavations of ancient towns in the territory of Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria and etc. It was found, that the architecture of settlements was planned in that way not to destruct the structure, which we had learned to detect in biosphere. All buildings, wells, roads were constructed beyond the places with disease-producing rays, moreover with the knowledge of some more important law: cellular structure of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in biosphere, which today is called «The Earth’s From Field» [3-4].

A famous Russian scientist of the XX century academician V.I. Vernadsky in his works wrote, that «…the rightism-leftism is not connected only with the material medium, it is evident and in energy processes, and in the physically real vacuum»[5]. As well as Paracelsus he pointed out, that the causes of all processes, going on in a living substance in biosphere, were in more global processes in the Universe.

What is general between the leftism-rightism law in biosphere and the «star» medicine by Paracelsus? Examination of biosphere, to which I devoted more than ten years, led me to the discovery of the law of cellular distribution of the leftism and rightism energy in it. It is discovered, that the energy of the Earth’s Form Field is a main source of the energy nutrition, without which life can not originate and exist. As the investigation of excavations of ancient towns indicates, the law of the Earth’s Form Field does not change during many centuries, but in a strict cellular structure there are always special elements, which I call «biospheric pathogenic zones», where the law of harmonious distribution of the energy is breached, being a pathogenic one. The examination of the influence of pathogenic zones on every living thing proved, that Paracelsus called just them «star swords», causing diseases. That was why ancient builders tried to avoid such places, did not locate dwelling there and lay roads through them!

But if there is a single law in the structure of biosphere, which determines existence of dissymmetry – inequality in the leftism and rightism energy in every point of space, it is obliged to manifest itself at every level of organization of a matter, i.e. in structure of living organisms. It turned out, that the present science missed some one point necessary for medicine. In 1848 a famous French scientist Lois Pasteur experimentally discovered a phenomenon of dissymmetry in a living substance [6]. Thinking over significance of this phenomenon, he went further in his experiments, having discovered right organisms on the Earth. Meanwhile he did not rule out existence of the conditions on the planet for origin of left types of organisms as well. In 100 years V. I. Vernadsky, studying fossil mollusks, paid scrupulous attention to geographical distribution of left and right types of one species[7]. He supposed the events of geological history of the planet as a possible cause of formation of two types of organisms. And only at the end of the XXI century, the law of cellular distribution of the leftism-rightism energy, discovered by me in biosphere, enabled to reveal the mechanism of life origin in two forms: left and right, to discover left and right biological types of people.

The first attempts to divide people into two basic types were made even 250 years ago by the founder of homeopathic medicine Samuel Hahnemann. As a result of the long medical practice he divided people and preparations by the south and north magnetic pole. But even contemporary followers of Hahnemann could not take this division seriously, and did not use it in their medical practice.

V.I. Vernadsky wrote: «Unlike the features of cosmic medium, a thermodynamic field of a living organism has a pronounced dissymmetry. We know nothing analogous among other natural objects on the Earth» [8]. My discovery at the end of the XX century of existence of left and right people on the planet, differences in structure of dissymmetry of the both biological types led to global review of the basic biological notions and as a result to revision of the principles of medicine in general.

The practice indicates, that the present medicine has a lack of knowledge for its successful advance, namely:

1. The knowledge of «star» diseases, the cause of which is biospheric pathogenic zones;

2. The knowledge of division of all people into biological types: left and right;

3. The knowledge of the principle of creation of the biological comfort for a human according to the law of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in biosphere.

The discovery of left and right people, biospheric pathogenic zones, the structure of the Earth’s Form Field and some other regularities in the biospheric structure as well as creation of the sources of an artificial form field and elaboration of the methods to use them enabled to create a new branch in medicine, called – «fine-field» one. Even Paracelsus wrote: «A physician, who wants to treat wisely, must know the structure of the Universe as well as the structure of a human» 2. 

The long-term practice indicates, that the techniques of the fine-field medicine successfully solve the tasks of recovering and rejuvenation of a human organism. In terms of the new knowledge of the structure of the Earth's biosphere and possibilities of the fine-field medicine, I suggest a number of the rules for advanced medical art: 

1. Usage of the methods of the therapy in pharmacopeial and fine-field medicine according to a biological human type: left or right;

2.  Usage of the methods of prevention and therapy in pharmacopeial and fine-field medicine according to an initial cause of a disease;

3. Prerogative in treatment should be given to the methods of the fine-field medicine the base of which is:

  • the choice of a place for dwelling beyond biospheric pathogenic zones;
  • creation of the fine-field biological comfort for an organism in a work place and in the places of rest and sleep;
  • observance of the recommendations of the fine-field nutrition and fine-field phytotherapy.



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