Pathogenic zones

Risk Factor on Roads!


A.V. Volkov, UGIBDD, Samara


For about 5 years together with the academy MATEZ we have already researched the safety on roads in Samara oblast. I have dealt with the statistics of traffic collisions more than 15 years, and many things had to be “dug”. After all diggings on the basis of this experience I have come to the conclusion, that traffic collisions are not chance events, which often happen in the places we call “seats of accidents”, if to speak our professional language. Just it made me find out the true causes and develop the arrangements to decrease accidents on roads.  

Having studied a pile of literature, I dwelled on the investigations of V.A. Nekrasov. His study is based on the works of L. Pasteur, B.I. Vernadsky and A.G. Gurvich. Their discoveries and the study itself about biosphere become more and more popular in the world science.

We ought to realize, that a human is not a drop, hung over a wave. Biosphere is an ocean. And a human is a drop in the ocean of biosphere and his behaviour is determined with the laws of biosphere; and it is not important, where a human is: at home or in the office, on the road or somewhere else. But we think, that a human is a king of nature, invent different causes of events, but we do not correspond our existence with the environment, do not study our correlation with it. 

We have our own statistics about traffic collisions, our indices; however we used them, how many officers were placed on roads, a possibility of where a car accident could occur remained the same, whether they were in that place or not.

According to the research of V.A. Nekrasov in the Earth’s biosphere there are stable structural elements – biospheric pathogenic zones, and the Earth is not a source of a harmful radiation in these zones. It is very important to know, that a radiation of biospheric pathogenic zones goes without weakening through any-store-buildings, influencing negatively on every living thing. By the leading disease and a type of the influence (pressure or rarefaction) V.A. Nekrasov called these zones “Onco” and “Crohn”. It is well known “cancer” entrances or even whole houses, but  few knows about “Crohn” entrances and houses. Many people feel a headache in an “Onco” zone and respiratory affection in a “Crohn” zone. A human, being in a “Onco” zone, can be affected with a strike and not only during a rain, but with a so-called dry lightning. It is well known a destructive effect from the influence of a radiation of biospheric pathogenic zones on different constructions: dwelling and roadway as well. The examples of such an influence can be collapses of the roofs of the airport in Paris, Baumanny market and the exhibition hall in Katowice (Poland). All objects listed above were in the ray of a “Crohn” zone. According to the data of V.A. Nekrasov, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant also began from a “Crohn” zone, though the reactor was located in an “Onco” zone.

There are often observed characteristic damages of a roadway, and these damages are of two types. In some places a roadway is destructed with formation of gaps, and in others blowout occurs. About causes of such types of destructions of a roadway I knew from the works of V.A. Nekrasov. He has established, that an “Onco” zone has a feature of pressure, and if a ray goes through a roadway, bums (surface bulging) form on it. On the contrary in a “Crohn” zone, intermolecular bonds decay and if a ray of a zone goes through a roadway, clefts with gaps form in it. These are the first signs, by which we can guess about places of passing of biospheric pathogenic zones through a roadway. Besides, depending on their sizes and intensity, these zones become the most important factor of accident rate on thoroughfares. 

For example, in the statistics of the region UGIBDD there is a crossroads, which is considered as one of the most dangerous according to heaviness of the consequences from the accidents, happened there. This section is situated in Syzransky district on the crossroad of the Ulyanovsk motorway and M-5 highway Moscow-Chelyabinsk (890 km). For almost twelve years there occurred 52 car crashes, in which 10 persons died and 100 ones were injured. And those traffic collisions took place on the crossroads, which was perfectly visible from every side of an approach, the road had a strict profile, and an open field was around. Moreover the crossroads is big: if you lose vigilance, you have a time to react, to apply the brake to avoid upsetting consequences. There are no mountains on that section, neither bends nor fractures are on the road, but there are 110 injured ones! And on this crossroads not only transit drivers have accidents, but local people as well, who often use this road and know quite its features, especially its accident rate.

I was wondering for a long time, what was the true cause of traffic collisions on roads: conscious or unconscious actions of a driver? Perhaps, are there external destabilizing factors? I specially interviewed people, read the statements of those, who survived, and they still did not understand, how they got into that place, how everything happened and why. A person had a car in a good order, even if he thought and set the steering wheel free, it continued to go straight, and its speed was not so high. But for some reason a car goes out of the highway. 

It has succeeded in finding the answers to many questions in the teaching of V.A. Nekrasov, the base of which is comprehension, that it must not study a living organism apart the environment. An organism, whether it is a human, an animal or a plant and a geochemical medium are connected between each other with the one system, the base of which is a law, characterizing the Earth’s Form Field. According to the data of V.A. Nekrasov, the Earth’s Form Field determines life origin on the Earth and its existence, but there are structural elements in it (areas or zones), for which radiations with pathogenic activity are characteristic. A long stay of a human in such a zone can lead to the concrete number of diseases. And a short stay, for example when crossing of these zones in the process of moving on a car, to temporal memory loss, sleepiness (in a “Onco” zone) or vice versa hyperexcitability and aggression (in a “Crohn” zone). It is noticed, that the higher speed is by crossing a biospheric pathogenic zone, the more chances of accidents are.  


Having studied 52 lots, where the number of died and injured ones in car accidents exceeded 20 persons for the observation period (including 43 ones on the highway M-5), we have established, that on Samara roads there are their own biospheric pathogenic zones, and on the left bank of the Volga they are less, than on the right one. The area of the highway M-5, going through Zhigulyovsk, is a sheer anomaly. Some pathogenic zones are discovered between Samara and Tollyatti. Nearer to the district Kamyshla a number of biospheric pathogenic zones reduces. The dangerous lot on 890 km of the highway M-5 in the Syzransky district according to the results of observation is situated in a “Crohn” zone, the diameter of which is about 300 meters. Here two main roads cross, and the first reaction of any driver must be to reduce the speed. However we notice the opposite picture: aggressive behavior of drivers. The most of accidents here are collisions, 47 from 52 ones. The awareness of a pathogenic area on the given road helps to realize the cause of car crashes and change the situation on this crossroads. According to the statistics the first months of the year on the given lot are practically safe for drivers: in January, February and March there has happened only 1 accident per 12 months. And with the approach of summer time a number of accidents with heavy consequences increases steadily: in July on the disastrous area in 12 traffic collisions 2 persons died, 30 ones were injured, in September 10 car crashes took life of 3 persons and injured 15 ones. Though if to believe the statistics’ data even in summer one can go through this area without heavy consequences: for example from 4 till 5 am, from 9 till 10 am and from 5 till 6 pm. Combination of annual, seasonal and diurnal rhythms of the crossroads is its a special music. And these rhythms are consonant with the fine-field biological rhythms, discovered by V.A. Nekrasov in the periodical change of the parameters of the Earth’s Form Field, which are responsible for the rhythms of the activity change of the given type of biospheric pathogenic zones.

On the basis of the knowledge of location of biospheric pathogenic zones and rhythms of changes of their features and sizes, it is possible to draw up a table of the recommendations, which contains the information about ensuring of safety for people in one or another zone, in the definite time period. For this task solution it also needs appropriate instruments as for example the developed in MATEZ device "Rada-7", by means of which it is possible to diagnose exactly the mains in the region for detection of biospheric pathogenic zones and for the further installation of the signs in such places, and timely patrolling by officers of GIBDD of the places with biospheric pathogenic zones.




* The report contains the interview with A.V. Volkov to the Samara newspaper “Vremya” (journalist L.Nikolaeva), and also materials of the interview with V.A. Nekrasov for the channels NTV (Moscow) and the 5th channel (Saint-Petersburg).  


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