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Health, longevity, protection

Ecology of dwelling, resting places and work


Human ecology studies regularities of interaction between a human and nature, problems of maintenance and strengthening of health. Discovered by academician V.A. Nekrasov structure of the Earth’s Form Field and fine-field biological rhythms as well influence directly on human from the moment of his germination, that made it possible to take another point of view at the right, harmonious life organization of a human in biosphere, covering all social spheres from reproduction of healthy generation to the correct location for dwelling in energy geometric structures of biosphere.

As a result of the long-term research by the criteria of biomedical effects, the discovered by V.A. Nekrasov pathogenic zones are divided into two basic types: «Onco» and «Crohn» and a classification of diseases by pathogenicity of the appropriate zone is developed.

The developed by Nekrasov means for disclosure of BPZ, detection of their type enable today to do early prevention of a big number of diseases, and the developed methods of therapy of many pathological states make it possible to avoid complications and defects in treatment.  

For detection of «Onco» and «Crohn» zones a device «Rada 7»  is invented, which enables to find out their borders in biosphere, and also the bounds of left and right cells of energy geometric structure of the Earth’s Form Field. This device is necessary for the right choice of building sites for dwelling, hydroplants, nuclear power stations, depots for storing of hazardous substances, laying of motor roads and railways, header pipes and other important objects for preservation of human health, and also for examination of the mentioned objects on present of BPZ. For this purpose the existed devices have been adapted and the techniques for work with them are developed.


1. Before construction of a new dwelling or real estate acquisition it is necessary to examine the estimated habitation on existence of «Onco» or «Crohn» zones.

By revelation of fine-field anomalies like «Onco» or «Crohn» in the place of habitation or work and if found impossible to change such places, it is necessary to set up a protection – «fine-field umbrella»:


For neutralization of BPZ in MATEZ there are developed special means - form applicators of a left and right type and heightened intensity of form field radiation. Figure 1 demonstrates the technique of placement of special form applicators as a protective «umbrella».

Before setting up of neutralizers in the places of «Onco» and «Crohn» zones it is necessary:

- to detect a boundary of a biospheric pathogenic zone;

- to calculate the sizes of a zone at every season according to fine-field rhythms;

- to detect intensity of pathogenic radiation in the centre of a zone;

- to calculate with a special technique an arrangement density of neutralizers per square meter.

The data about the examined area is recorded into the ecological passport of a flat, house, lot, see Fig. 2.     By a high intensity of BPZ radiation the density of arrangement of form applicators can be to 10 pieces per square meter. If it is impossible to set up a protective «umbrella» across a whole zone’s area, the «flowing» effect of pathogenic radiation appears around the perimeter of a room. In such a case it should be protected the flat’s walls, see Fig. 2.

2. Before construction and planning of rooms it should site the foundation of the future building to the elements of the structure of the Earth’s Form Field, that provides:

- a possibility of effective creation in a building of a fine-field biological comfort for human organism of a left and right type;

- maintenance of energy cellular structure of the Earth’s Form Field as the basic source of the fine-field nutrition for all living things.

Siting of foundation is carried out directly on the area by specially developed means and techniques, Fig. 3. The information about foundation siting is plotted on a plan of the lot and the ecological passport is formalized.  

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