Chief reasons of alcohol and drug dependence and efforts to bring them down


It is not a secret for the experts, who work in the sphere of energy medicine, that external energy fields have a great influence on a human. However other experts called them: fine physical fields or geopathogenic zones, their influence on functional state of a human organism was always essential and definable. For example, doctors of VRT, working with the automated computer system IMEDIS, must know well, that it is impossible to test or treat a patient, if he lives in a pathogenic zone. There has been always a rule, that it is necessary to take out a human from a zone to treat him! Moreover, it is strictly forbidden for a doctor to work with the equipment in a pathogenic zone. Y.V. Gotovsky announced himself, that he does not believe in any protective mean against geopathogenic zones, so: «if a zone is detected, the best way is to leave». Because there was no a single notion of nature of a «pathogenic zones», so accordingly it was a problem to create means of protection.

Existing in the last century a conception of «geopathogenic zones» has already undergone essential changes in the last ten years of the XX century. Developed by V.A. Nekrasov the theory of a form field and the theory of the Earth’s Form Field made a detailed picture about pathogenic zones in the Earth’s biosphere. According to the orientation and types of influence upon all living organisms these places were called biospheric pathogenic zones of «Onco» and «Crohn» type.

In the course of the long-term practice working with different patients V.A. Nekrasov developed a quite new classification of diseases, based on the initial cause of their origin. According to the new classification the basic diseases are dividing into two lines: «Onco» and «Crohn». Step-by-step series of diseases of an «oncological» and «Crohn» line have become clear over time. But, besides it was observed, that most of patients, who felt biospheric pathogenic load upon them, had definite harmful addictions: alcoholic (vodka and cognac), drug, nicotine, coffeic ones and etc.  

It is revealed on 36 patients, that alcoholism with vodka dependence appears, if a person has the impact of a biospheric pathogenic «Crohn» zone upon him. This group of patients had a tested geopathogenic load (of different level) and Crohn's disease (in potencies from D15 to D60). In case of observance of all prescriptions (about 30 persons from this group) it was succeeded in absolutely saving a human from alcohol and in about 10 cases nicotine dependence. Remission of the basic disease and lasting alcohol («vodka») dependence were observed in the cases, when a patient complied with only some prescriptions and he continued to be in a «Crohn» zone much of time.    

Besides the investigations about drug dependence were carried out. In all 7 cases the appealed patients also lived in a «Crohn» zone.

In the group of the patients burdened with a biospheric pathogenic zone «Onco» it was observed the following: more than 40 persons had a stable nicotine dependence, 5 persons – alcohol «cognac» dependence, and every of the group had a coffee dependence.

All these effects are explained, that for example in an «Onco» zone a pressure or compression of any material takes place. Entering into this zone first of all head vessels feel the effect of this zone. A compressive headache appears, so at first cognac, coffee, nicotine are seemed to help fast widening vessels and relieve depression. It is opposite in a «Crohn» zone, rarefaction of all spatial structures occurs, intermolecular bounds go down. Irritability is observed of such patients. Vodka and more often beer are the drugs, which are seemed to help to manage with a physical state of the organism depressed with a «Crohn» zone, so organism begins to feel dependence. It is impossible to cope with such a dependence, if a person continues to live or work in a biospheric pathogenic zone.  

It is necessary to include this knowledge in the government program on struggle with drugs and to take into account these factors for organization of treatment of people with alcohol dependence.

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