Secret of severe disease is exposed


The second decade of the XXI century is going by. Medicine continues to develop. However the initial causes of many diseases are still unknown. There is a cancer among them, which remains one of the most mysterious and severe diseases. Search of the initial causes of this illness’s origin, precisely of a big group of oncological diseases, are going on as well as seeking of its treatment. The practice makes it evident, that if you do not know the initial cause of a disease, you can not make early prevention of the disease and treat correctly and effectively.

Nowadays because of progress of chemistry and microbiology almost every five years in any country of the world somebody announces about some new sure method of treatment of cancer, and immediately crowds of miserable people begin to gather to that place, who have been disappointed in success of other methods, but still hoped, that the true remedy will be found at last.

We turn to history. Due to the progress of archeology it is accepted to consider, that the first description of cancer is found in Egyptian papyri about 1600 B.C. The Edwin Smith’s translation  of one of the most studied works (Description of surgical case № 45) states: “If you examine a patient with prominent tumors on a chest, you discover, that they are spread across all breast; put a hand on his chest over grown tumors, you will see, that they are very cold by touch, when they are affected; there is no granulation in them, liquid is not formed, there are no water in them and they do not seem convex... Big tumors, grown and hard: touch to them is like a touch to a lump of a thick matter: they can be compared with a green fruit, hard and cold by touch.” It seems like description of a breast cancer. We find the similar description of the disease of Hippocrates. To all appearance in the ancient Egypt these cases were rather seldom. In works of the Egyptian art many times there are mentioned tumors, hernia, increase of a man’s bosom, but this description is the single case similar to a cancer.

It had been considered rather for a long time before decryption of the Egyptian papyri, that Hippocrates made the first notes about cancer. The series of his famous treatises about medicine, from which we know about the diseases of that time, date back to 450 B.C. Among these works there is a treatise “About carcinoma”. It states: “a woman from Abderus had a developing carcinoma of a breast, a grayish bloody fluid came from a nipple; when a nipple discharge stopped, she died”. Hippocrates called a tumour cancer, i.e. carcinoma, because it is like a crab (Greek ???????? — crab, lobster; ??? abb. from ????? – tumour). He described several types of cancer and also suggested a term oncos (Greek ????). Today the term “carcinoma” is used for description of integument cancer. In the treatise it is described several forms of breast cancer and it is reported, that there is no treatment against this disease.


Later in the I century B.C. a Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsius suggested to excise a tumour at the early stage for treatment a cancer, and at the late stages not to treat at all.

Development of the academic science in the European culture in the XVIII century gave the world many famous scientists, the first outstanding pathoanatomist Morgan was among them, who in 1761 published the work with description of cancer of different internal organs, including lungs, esophagus, stomach, rectum and uterus. Percivall Pott, in 1775 describing a chimney sweep's cancer, made a conjecture about its possible etiological factor. As a cause of development of cancer of these people he said about carcinogenic action of chemical elements contained in soot. It was the first description of carcinogenic factor of the environment.  

Archaeological excavations in different areas of the world enable to speak about prevalence of cancer diseases in those times, that is confirmed by examination of skeleton remains. In a number of cases there were discovered even features of tumors of a skull. The most ancient finding is a tumour in a dinosaur spine!

Nowadays they speak more about an ecological aspect of the oncology problem, and the list of carcinogens grows every year. Sometimes we know wonderingly, that something, which people have been used for many years, can be a cause of cancer. Even coffee, which does not prevent Cuban long-livers from feeling good and which the most of humanity has been used to drink for thousand years, is referred to the forbidden list. Today a mobile phone is included in the list of carcinogens. About this fact it was announced by the WHO on May 31, 2011. Though persuasions of many years of producers of mobile phones and a broad participation in advertising of children have led to that many kids have a mobile phone practically from the age of five.

According to the statistics, that in spite of thousand-year efforts of many doctors, the cause of cancer has remained unknown and effective methods of its treatment are not developed.

We return to history. A great physician and scientist of the Middle Ages, known to us under the name of Paracelsus, wrote about diseases, that some of them came from elements, and the others – “from stars”, and “stars are also can be ill” and they had a pernicious effect upon people. Describing diseases, Paracelsus pointed out causes for every of them, which were generally based on interrelation between microcosm and macrocosm. He wrote about star diseases: “…Stars can injure in the same way as a sword, but they don’t cut as an ordinary sword, but open a body in compliance with their heavenly blade”. When a human gets in the field of action of such a “sick star”, he falls ill inside, because his form is breached inside until this disease spreads outside. What were “star swords” Paracelsus wrote about? The influence of what radiation could cause “star diseases”?

It is evident, that cancer is not a new disease, it has always presented. And in spite of efforts of the modern medicine this disease is registered ever more frequent. A humanity is faced with the fact, that cancer as well as many other diseases remains unbeaten, and it becomes younger every year. Due to the modern methods of diagnostics figures of statistics sound more threateningly year by year. In 2010 in the Russian Federation more than 300 people died from oncological diseases. Every year addition to this number is 15 percents. What to do?

In practice everything is considerably more positive. Of course, many factors are catalysts, i.e. accelerators of cancer process, but the main point is that humanity has known about the initial cause of cancer since 2003, from the moment of publication of the monograph by V.A. Nekrasov called “Life on Earth”. In this work and in the following ones he announced referring to a big probative basis about the discovery of the basic cause of oncological diseases and suggested the effective ways of early prevention, diagnostics and treatment of the present disease. We need only to review our attitude to the early prophylaxis and diagnostics as well as to treatment of oncological diseases. It does not manage to introduce new knowledge and technology into medical practice rapidly, as always all new needs time, even years. 

And what is the cause of such a terrible disease as cancer? It turns out, that the cause is in the Earth’s biosphere, precisely in structural elements of its organization.

In every century, in every corner of the world, various nations had knowledge about so-called “death” places. Unfortunately, neither science nor religion could save and integrate this knowledge in the single system. It was lost for the most part. But scrappy data about this are saved most due to folklore. It was surprised, that judging by excavations of some ancient towns (Greece), habitants knew well then, how the space, they lived in, was organized. Dangerous places were not constructed, roads were laid round, even if a track became considerably longer. It seemed, that a tie with Nature was more deeply than in the present civilized society, and the ancients did not need to leave us descriptions how to detect such places, it was so natural for a human as well as breathing. 

In the XX century an interest about “death places” rises again, such a notion as “geopathogenic zones” appears. They were presented as geopathogenic, because it was supposed, that a pathogenic, i.e. causing a disease, radiation came from the Earth.

The research of more than late twenty years, begun and carried out in the XX century by academician V.A. Nekrasov, changed essentially the concept about pathogenic zones. In the first place, location, number and intensity of pathogenic zones are connected neither with tectonic breaks nor with mythical underground rivers and places of UFO landing at all. Secondly, they began to be called – biospheric pathogenic zones (BPZ) by their manifestation on a living substance of biosphere. For example, it cannot help noticing, when you are taking a walk in the forest on a clear day, there are special areas of a round shape, where you feel uncomfortable. The trees in such a place are ill, with tumors and bifurcated or bifurcated tops, twist and seem to try escaping from this circle. There is poor vegetation in these places and everything seems ugly and sickly. You can be quite sure, it is exactly a biospheric pathogenic zone. Besides, an important and proved fact is that a disease-producing radiation in these zones comes not from the Earth, but from above. Perhaps these "rays" of biospheric pathogenic zones were called "star swords” by Paracelsus? There are zones, where tumors on trees are friable and crumbly, there is much moisture in the zones – such zones are called by V.A. Nekrasov “Crohn” zones. They got their name according to the leading disease in the New classification of diseases by the initial cause of origin, concerning the BPZ radiation. But there are zones, where everything concentrates and contracts, tumors on plants are thick, space is usually dry. A human, being in such a zone for a long time, can get a disease from an oncological line (see “New classification of diseases”). It turns out, that radiation in these zones distorts a natural energy structure in biosphere, that immediately affects on all its elements, in the first place on water molecules and living cells. And it is like descriptions of "star diseases" by Paracelsus. We cannot  judge sufficiently enough yet, this is a subject of the following research, whether such a pathogenic radiation is created with any picture of stars in the Universe, the main point is, that these rays go through the whole biospheric stratum from above to the Earth’s surface. It is also discovered, that disease-producing rays tend to widening with a height and can have a left or a right twist. You can reveal the leftism or rightism of a biospheric pathogenic zone as a result of observation on plants, growing in a zone.

Sometimes we think, that we are educated, that science is developing quickly, satisfying a need, that a humanity has already the knowledge, which is necessary for survival on the planet. But all modern science has not answered the question: why there are more and more of ill people, why diseases become younger year by year, though we produce more and more modern remedies? It must be confessed, if at the beginning of the XX century (1927) the Nobel prize in medicine was awarded to the Danish pathologist for the statement, that “cancer can be caused with a microscopical vermiform larva of a tropical cockroach…”. Have we got very far in the questions of studying of cancer for the last centuries?

Along with a mass multistory construction in the XX century the term “cancer houses” also appeared. One of the causes of cancer was always considered inherited predisposition, but the fact of appearance of “cancer houses” deluded scientists, that cancer could be an infectious disease. By the way, British oncologists devoted this problem more than one year of examinations by examples of several schools of one district, where the percent of children with oncological diseases increased.

It is important to understand, that “elements” – poisons, toxins, carcinogens raise the risk and worsen the situation concerning health, but disclosure of the initial cause is considerably more important! The system of knowledge about biospheric structure, developed by V.A. Nekrasov, today makes it possible to solve the most important question – revival as a type, of a human on the Earth.

V.A. Nekrasov elaborated “The conception of organization of healthy and safe human life”, which contains a code of necessary rules for recovering and maintenance of health. And one of the pillars, on which the conception is based, is organization of the right interaction with energy structural elements in biosphere, to which BPZ are concerned. It is important to remember, to avoid terrible diseases it is necessary to comply with some rules:

  • never to live, work or rest in the places of passing of the rays of biospheric pathogenic zones “Onco” and “Crohn”;
  • do not use water from sources situated in the places of biospheric pathogenic zones;
  • do not use provision, building materials and etc., which have possible been in the places of biospheric pathogenic zones for a long time;
  • after detection of BPZ burden it is necessary to recover the organism respectively;
  • if it is impossible to change a place of habituation (or work), in case it is in the place of a biospheric pathogenic zone, it is necessary to install the proper protection.

The knowledge about the initial causes of a big number of diseases, including cancer and Crohn’s disease, can enable to make a plan of healing in a new way moreover help to take proper preventive measures to stave off terrible illnesses in future.


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