Protection from a mobile phone

The reason for pathogenic influence of a cellular phone on the organism of a human and the means of protection from it


In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer which appears to be a specialized agency of the World Health Organization’s conducted analyses on longitudinal researches of carcinogenic potential of fields developed by cellular phones. The international commission which consisted of experts from different countries proved that usage of cellular phones might lead to elaboration of benign and malignant brain tumors of their users and that they might also be a reason for elaboration of tumors of other organs. The report on this issue was published in Lyon (France) on 1 June 2011. All cellular phones in order of danger were referred to 2B class of carcinogene’s scale which was drawn by the International agency. According to this scale lead, chloroform, DDT pesticides and others attribute to 2B class. 

Through present World Health Organization (WHO) has been working out materials for population’s informing and contributing to conduction of a dialogue among scientists, administrations, industrial sector and public representatives to raise up the level of understanding of a potential unfavourable influence of cellular phones on health. There have been conducted researches for the most thorough estimate of potential remote consequences of cellular phones’ usage and by 2012 WHO has promised to present official estimates of a risk for all the studied consequences of influence of radio freguence fields of phones on health of a human.

By now only in Russia there are more than 80 millions of cellular phones’ users, and there are more than 5 billion of such people all over the world.

Thus all the users of cellular phones are constantly exposed to influence of carcinogenic radiation which leads to oncologic disease and this fact can’t be gone against.

In our country the researches of harmful influence of cellular phones on user’s health have been conducted for more than 20 years. In October 2002 V.A.Nekrasov initiated researches on the check-up of danger for the health of a cellular phone’s user in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation. The program of researches was made up and an effective device for neutralization of carcinogenic radiation of a cellular phone – “Foton-R15” was presented. This neutralizer was investigated under estimation of effectiveness of protective properties according to the program of conduction of a scientific expertise affirmed by the chief doctor of FCGSEN on 18 March 2002 under the three stages:

- analisys of experimental materials;

- researches on models;

- researches under participation of voluntary test persons.

The results of the researches proved that actually a cellular phone is pathogenic for the organism of a user and the device “Foton-R15” presented for the expertise showed its correspondence to the claimed functions of protection from unfavourable influence of cellular phones.

The researches showed that the radiation of electronic devices, particularly of mobile phones, contributes to: violation of metabolism and decrease of immune health capabilities; vioation of memory functions and decrease of attention concentration; increase in irritability and general anxiety; increase in risk for elaboration of oncologic diseases, Crone diseases, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diseases of endocrine system; violation of embryonic development of fetus (*Taken from the materials on estimate of effectiveness of protective properties of “Foton-R15” device by the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation).

Thus the humanity has learnt the results of longitudinal researches of carcinogenic influence of cellular phones on the organism of a human but at the same time the reason i.e. source of a carcinogene and, that’s more, the means of protection from it have remained unknown.

The Reason for Carcinogenic Influence of a Cellular Phone on the Organism of a Human

Despite rapid development of scientific and technical progress theoretical researches in the field-physics have long based on four types of interactions (gravitative, electromagnetic, high and low energetic) and for the last half century they haven’t undergone any growth. The most explored among them is the electromagnetic interaction. The basis of cellular phone’s work is laid by electromagnetic radiation of a definite power that is why many scientists do seek reasons for carcinogenecity of a cellular phone in electomagnetic field. Through present they haven’t explicitly managed to prove that it is exactly electromagnetic radiation of a cellular phone that is pathogenic, however pathogenic properties of a phone itself can be considered to be proved. Only V.A.Nekrasov’s revealing of the field of geometrical form as a special type of interaction which is directly connected with morphology of a living matter and the revealing of its properties helped to understand the mechanisms of pathogenic influence of a cellular phone on a human being.

The results of the researches conducted since 2000 show that the electomagnetic factor of the influence of small-scale electronic devices on the organism of a human can be considered safe and firstly, protection from electromagnetic radiation of a cellular phone isnt’ needed, and secondly, it only can decrease the quality of connection. A modern PC or a cellular phone is a low-powered source of a electromagnetic field that can be compared to the background radiation of the Earth in which a human exists since the moment of its origin. One of the proofs of safety of electromagnetic radiation of a cellular phone is the fact that cellular phones are dangerous for a human health not only when it is switched on but also when it is switched off as well as when the battery is switched off. The pathogenic influence of a phone on the organism of a human remains effective even when plate with integrated microschemes is placed right before his or her body. Two years have passed since there has been made an official claim under the auspice of WHO about the carcinogenic properties of a cellular phone but the situation doesn’t improve. The official organizations keep on claiming that they require a more longstanding research for the total estimate of a probable risk. In this case awaiting another 25 years is too long, as, for instance, it could be impossible with protection from radioactivity at least because only hundreds of people were connected with radioactivity at those times and today billions of people are prone to carcinogenic radiation of a cellular phone.

What is the source of carcinogenic radiation in a cellular phone?

This question is totally met with researches and inventions made by V.A.Nekrasov:

1. Any geometrical figure receives a special field characterized by energy of leftism-rightism and energetic dissymmetry. This field is called by V.A.Nekrasov “field of geometrical form” or “form field”.

2. Geometrical figure built in accordance with the golden section principle receives a field of geometrical form that isn’t dangerous for a human being. It is known that the organism of a human is made according to the golden proportion. It allows a human to live long and ail little in a space where geometrical stuctures are built in accordance with the golden proportion.

3. Geometrical figure built under violation of the golden section principle radiates a pathogenic field of geometrical form which is pathogenic for a human being.

It is a known fact that cellular phones, PCs and other modern electronic devices have many-layer integral microschemes with high density of inner structure which can’t be built observing the rules of the golden section. So if a figure is built under violation of the proportions of the golden section it radiates a form field of a pathogenic character. We have studied the influence of a form field radiated by a cellular phone on the organism of a human. We have came to the conclusion that it is the form field that poses danger to the organism of a human and proves to be pathogenic. Under the supervision of V.A.Nekrasov in MATEZ academy there was created a reliable means of protection from pathogenic influence of a cellular phone “Foton-R15” which has been used for many years.

Protection Device from Carcinogenic Radiation of a Cellular Phone – Neutralizer “Foton-R15”

In 2002 the invention named “dissymmetrical modulator” which was later put into practice as “Foton-R15” device was patented. By April 2002 the neutralizer “Foton-R15” underwent tests in many scientific centres of our country. In April 2002 the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation issued in “Foton-R15” favour a hygienic certificate and a conclusion in which there were stated all the stages of a chech-up of a cellular phone for pathogenicity and effectiveness of protective properties of “Foton-R15”. In June 2003 the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation announced of danger of cellular phones for health of a user. Until now this respected service has been trying to work out measures for protection from carcinogenic influence of cellular phone which mostly consist in regulation of the usage time.

It is clear that due to MAIR’s claim of a possible carcinogenic character of cellular phones even the introduction in the Russian Federation of more strict rules which define a “safe” time (minutes per week) of usage doesn’t solve the matters of protection of user’s health by these means of connection. For example, application of hands-free during the connection doesn’t provide total safety because cellular phone itself is located in the direct close of the user’s body and it’s dangerous in any state (when switched on or switched off, without source of energy or from one microscheme).

Thanks to the revealing by V.A.Nekrasov of the main pathogenic factor acting in cellular phone (form fields obtained by integral microschemes’ structure) and results of investigations conducted by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation and Health Ministry of the Russian Federation each cellular phone’s user should know that there are two real effective means of protection of an organism from carcinogenic influence of cellular phone. The first one – is total refusal from usage of this type of connection and the second one – is usage of “Foton-R15” neutralizer. The first means is obviously impossible as putting a ban of production and application of cellular phones due to known factors is not possible. Another way is left – it is a reliable means of protection “Foton-R15”.

So far “Foton-R15” is the only device for protection of user’s organism from carcinogenic influence of cellular phone.

The results of all the tests proved the ability of “Foton-R15” to fully neutralize carcinogenic radiation of cellular phone. During the further 10 years “Foton-R15” device was repeatedly exposed to check-up by different independent scientific centres both in our country and abroad. Since 2009 “Foton-R15” device obtained a right to sell on the EU markets as a protection device No. 474 257 900 24 79. In 2010-2011 “Foton-R15” device was investigated in various institutions of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation and as a result on 9 March 2011 expert conclusion No. 70-EO-11 for application of “Foton-R15” as a means of protection from cellular phone was obtained. In April 2011 for “Foton-R15” protective device there was obtained a Registration Certificate of the Federal Supervisory Agency for Health Care and Social Development No. FSR 2011/10417 from 05.04.2011 according to which this protective device is a device possessing medical purposes under the full name “Applicator – V.A.Nekrasov’s matrix modulator – “MATEZ” (form applicator).

“Foton-R15” impact as a means for protection from pathogenic influence of cellular phone was tested in many other laboratories under various characteristics (see 6, 8, 10), for instance:

- under variability of cardiorhythms indexes (4-channeled myograph, PC);

- under condition of active biological markings of a human;

- under estimation of different indexes of functional state of human’s organism: indexes of biological age, adaptation reserves, fotons’ indexes and so on. 

The experience which exceeds 10 years conclusively confirms that:

1. For cellular phone’s users carcinogenic danger consists in field of geometrical form created by space and geometric structure of integral microschemes of high density.

2. The means of protection – “Foton-R15” neutralizer provides for high efficiency of neutralization of a pathogenic radiation of a cellular phone.

“Foton-R15” is recommended by The Health and Social Development Ministry of the Russian Federation for application as a means of protection from harmful influence of a cellular phone, notebook and other electronic devices from implementation of which modern integral microschemes are applied.

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