Business proposal

We offer Russian and foreign companies to become our strategic partner and jointly distribute a unique product.

Our company, in terms of discoveries and inventions of V.A. Nekrasov, carried out the work of many years by exploration of pathogenic zones in the Earth’s biosphere and elaboration of methods of their detection and neutralization.

Our company produces the means, ensuring preservation and recovering of human health, and also creates safe conditions for life activity.

A number of patents for inventions and actions of state authority of the Russian Federation is received.

The main range of application of new knowledge and technologies is construction, environmental safety and medicine.

The invented means, namely “V.A. Nekrasov’s modulators of a from” and techniques for their application, solve effectively the problems of organism protection from pathogenic radiations of different kind, organism rejuvenation, treatment of different diseases (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arthropathy, cancer, tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease and etc.). The given methods are successfully used in the Russian Federation and other countries, e.g.: Canada, Colombia, Estonia, Macedonia.

We are interested in cooperation by introduction of new knowledge and technologies in the Russian Federation as well as in other countries of the world, and offer the following tendencies for collaboration:


1. In the sphere of construction: establishment of counselling service for:

  • searching for places, safe from biospheric pathogenic zones, under construction of dwelling and other objects (hydroplants, nuclear power plants, objects for producing and storing of provisions, education and sports centers);
  • siting of a foundation of buildings under construction to the structural elements of the Earth’s Form Field;
  • help to develop of architectural designs of buildings for creation of favourable conditions in them.

2. In the sphere of public health: foundation of medical and health-improving centres with application of our technologies by recovering of human health and rejuvenation of his organism.

3. In the sphere of education: training of experts by application of new knowledge and technologies in all areas of life activity.


We are ready to consider any other ways and instruments for cooperation.

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