Biological rhythms

BPZ and peak days - causes of natural and anthropogenic disasters


On peak days of biospheric dissymmetric change the rhythmical change of the leftism-rightism energy occurs in stable cells of biosphere, that effects on all living things on the planet. At the same time, on peak days intensity of radiation in biospheric pathogenic zones considerably changes, that is the strongest risk factor – the cause of danger in all spheres of life activity. The knowledge of peculiarities of BPZ “Onco” and “Crohn” and their type make it possible to organize safe planning of life on the Earth.

Besides, that BPZ can be divided into two types: left and right, radiation in “Onco” and "Crohn" zones effects on matter specifically. If in “Onco” zones everything shrinks and compresses, then in “Crohn” zones intermolecular bonds in a substance decay, this process is especially evident on peak days of a fine field rhythm. E.g. a feature of “Crohn” zone is to rise water manifests in the following way: in the Bermuda triangle pilots often observe water rise in the ocean. April 11, 1963 the pilots of “Boeing-707” during a flight saw a water dome of a few hundred meters in diameter. Astronauts also saw such phenomena (round water bulging on the surface of oceans and seas). Cumulus clouds usually curl around these "domes". If on ordinary days we notice little water bulging in the rays of “Crohn” zone, then on peak days water can rises along the ray at some dozens and even hundred meters. On peak days it is especially dangerous to go through these zones for ships and air crafts, that always reduces to their sinking.

In many cases awareness of topography of BPZ enables to explain periodical disappearance of ships and air crafts, increase of accident rates on motor roads, causes of aviation accidents, collapse of buildings and constructions, sudden change of weather conditions, earthquakes, landslips, volcanic eruptions.

Surge of accidents on the earth and in the air is observed especially in a transient period: on a previous day of a peak, and in the peak of the leftism or rightism (Fig. 1). Moreover, just in this period and in the peak it is observed hyperactivity of biospheric pathogenic zones and unpredictable behaviour of people with mental abnormality, especially if they are irradiated with BPZ "Onco" or "Crohn". E.g., a human, already irradiated with BPZ, driving a car gets into a pathogenic zone on a peak day, when a zone is active more than usual. This person does not afford to drive appropriately, he can possibly have a terrible headache even loss of consciousness. As a rule, survived in such an accident drivers cannot explain, what has happened with them.

In "Onco" zones such a phenomenon as globular discharge is often observed, that especially manifests on peak days. A feature of “Onco” zone is also considered, that atmospheric electricity discharge – a lightning achieves the ground surface only within the range of a ray, it is a complementary factor of high risk particularly on peak days.

As examples we can make some events, happened on the ground and in the air on the days previous to left and right peaks, and on the days of these peaks in 2010-2011 (refer to mass media):

- May 17, 2010 in a right R-peak of the diurnal-annual fine field biological rhythm the aircraft An-24 of Pamir Airways was wrecked to the north of Kabul. 40 persons were on board (34 passengers and 6 crew members).

- May 22, 2010 on the day previous to a left L-peak the aircraft “Boeing 737-800” of Air India from Dubai was wrecked, landing in the airport of Mangalore. The aircraft came off the runway and rammed into trees and fire started. Among 166 persons on board only 8 survived.

- In a left peak on May 23 two serious accidents occurred in China. A passenger train was derailed, many people died. The cause was landslide in the mountainous region of the province Jiangxi, a quantity of injured was no less than 55 people; also about 32 people became victims of collision of a truck and a bus in the northeast of the country. The lorry hit the oncoming bus slap-bang, fire started immediately after that. Three persons in the truck cab and 28 passengers of the bus died, one more passenger among 22 injured passed away in a hospital.

- July 28, 2010 on the day, previous to a left L-peak, a passenger aircraft journeying Karachi-Islamabad in Pakistan rammed into a mountain. 152 people were on board.

- August 16, 2010 on the day of L-peak the Colombian passenger aircraft Boeing 737-200 journeyed Bogot?-San-Andres. 121 passengers and 6 crew members were on board. It crashed landing on the Columbian land San-Andres. One passenger died, the other 114 people were injured.

- September 5, 2010 R-peak, a pilot of a small propeller-driven airplane Tiger Moth II lost control taking off and ran into a crowd of audience at the air show in the south of Germany. The accident occurred on the airfield Lininghof located about 32 km to the northeast of Nuremberg. Refer to the police, because of crash one person died and more than 30 were injured.

- the events on the day of L-peak and the following ones after it. September 18, 2010 at the air show of rarity air crafts in Warngau in Bavaria a tragic accident occurred. Demonstrating advanced aerobatics, two aircrafts collided at the height of about 400 meters. One of the aircrafts fell on the ground and a pilot died. The other aircraft fire started, however its pilot could make a crash landing. September 19, near Loginovo settlement in Beloyarsky region of Sverdlovsk Oblast in Sunday afternoon the sport aircraft Yak-52 crashed. By making advanced aerobatics the operator control failed. A pilot died, he was a candidate for Master of Sports Gennady Belinikin born in 1962.

- September 27, 2010 a strong left L-peak was a cause of the following events:

  • tornado in the USA;
  • tsunami in Indonesia;
  • many accidents;
  • volcanoes waked up on Kamchatka;
  • emergency states on a number of industrial enterprises.

- November 2 and 6, 2010 two left L-peaks running caused the following events:

  • a big accident in Toljatti on the highway M-5, no less than 40 cars suffered;
  • the helicopter MI-8 of FSB border services fell in Juzhno-Sakhalinsk;
  • in Nizhny Tagil an accident occurred on the coke chemical plant;
  • a passenger aircraft fell on Cuba;
  • in Singapore an engine of a passenger boeing broke down in the air.

- January 24, 2011 in a right R-peak an act of terrorism occurred in Domodedovo.

- January 31, 2011 on the day, previous to a left L-peak the volcano woke up in Japan.

- February 1, 2011 a left L-peak caused a failure of navigation system all over the world. In the USA satellite contact was lost for some hours, which provided homing of missiles with nuclear warheads; on the same day in the Russian Federation another launching of the satellite of GLONASS system failed.

- March 6 and 9, 2011 the events of two left peaks were accompanied with magnetic storms, high accident rate on roads in Russia and Europe, growth of suicide cases all over the world, explosions in Moscow, major earthquakes and tsunami in shores of Japan

- April 5, 2011 a left L-peak was marked with numerous accidents on highways in Russia and Europe, surge of hypertensic crises, rise of death rate

Application of the newest technology in the sphere of healthy and safe life organization within the form field theory is effective to reduce considerably a risk of involving into accidents on peak days. It is recommended to use Nekrasov’s modulators of individual purpose as well as specially developed for vehicles (see "Health, longevity, protection").

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