Pathogenic zones

New Discoveries In Space Structure Of The Earth’s Biosphere


Opening a medical reference book, we receive evidence that, the initial cause of many diseases has been unknown yet. In most cases these are severe, socially significant illnesses, among which: oncological ones, Crohn’s disease, tuberculosis, vitiligo, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, eczema, bronchial asthma and others.

In a harmonious system of geometrical structure of the Earth’s biosphere V.A. Nekrasov discovered and examined structural elements, which essentially effect on human health and his safe life, this fact reduced to global conversion of the initial cause of a great number of diseases. It became clear, what the law should be observed to choose a place for housing development.

From the ancient times people noticed, that there were localities on the Earth, where physical state of organism was depressed. In historical literature we could find some information, that in old times before building many nations searched for a “clear”, exactly “healthy” ground, where people and animals felt good and were not ill. E.g. in ancient Rome a site, chosen for construction, was turned into a pasture. After some time a cattle was slaughtered and entrails were analyzed, if they were healthy, the site was considered acceptable for habitation. During foundation of Saint-Petersburg prince Menshikov detected a “healthy” locality in the following way: he arranged stakes with stuck meat along a ground. The place, where meat rotted faster, was considered “unclear”, and the place, where meat kept its quality, was acceptable for construction.

There are many hypotheses about existence of areas on the Earth, where there is some radiation dangerous for human health, and a source of such radiation is the planet Earth. In the XX century such places get to be called “geopathogenic” (from the Greek “geo” – earth, “phatos” – disease), i.e. carrying a disease, the cause of which is the earth.

The majority of experts all over the world believes, that “geopathogenic zones” are:

  • cracks between tectonic plates in the earth crust;
  • places of crossing of underground rivers;
  • interstices in the overlay of the earth crust;
  • junctions of crossing of global energy grids of Hartmann and/or Curry;
  • places, where ether is continuously taken up by the earth surface from the environment.

These experts have suggested no actual means for detection of such zones, their features, an enumeration of diseases, which a human can get during long stay in such a zone. The practice has found out, that places listed above are not pathogenic.

At the end of the last century V.A. Nekrasov discovered special areas in the Earth’s Form Field as round-shaped rays (zones) (see Fig.1). Radiation in these zones turned out dangerous for human health. The given zones have a round shape in section, and in space they are like a cone, expanding in height. The present pathogenic radiation has not electromagnetic nature, and these zones are not connected with a place of cracks, interstices and other similar localities.

To the present time the experts of “MATEZ” have already detected and examined more than 9.000 pathogenic zones. Human habitation in a ray of a pathogenic zone is accompanied with constant stress for cells of his organism, and long stay in it reduces to the concrete diseases. Moreover, radiation in these zones spreads not from the earth, but from the Cosmos. By this reason these areas in the environment got the name “biospheric pathogenic zones”.

There are some types of biospheric pathogenic zones (BPZ) on the Earth. In terms of diseases incipient in a human organism, BPZ are divided in two basic types “Onco” and “Crohn”:

  • by long stay in “Onco” zone the leading pathology can be cancer. Besides a human can fall ill with psoriasis, schizophrenia, arthritis and other diseases (see Fig.2).
  • by long stay in “Crohn” zone the leading pathology can be Crohn’s disease, and besides a human can fall ill with tuberculosis, eczema, leishmaniasis, manic-depressive psychosis, arthrosis and other diseases (see Fig.3).

As a result of a number of discoveries a NEW CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASES by the initial cause of their origin in human organism was developed.  

The basic peculiarities of BPZ “Onco” and “Crohn”: people feel depression, fear. As a rule a human may have a compressing headache in “Onco” zone and respiratory affection in “Crohn” zone. Some biospheric pathogenic zones “Onco” and “Crohn” influence essentially and negatively on organ function of endocrine system and/or spleen.

Research indicates, that long habitation in “Onco” and/or “Crohn” zone as a rule reduces to alcohol, tobacco smoking and other dependence.

In “Onco” and “Crohn” zones absence or disorder of cellular communications, malfunction in navigation devices and systems are observed.

A radius of biospheric pathogenic zones is from 1 to 3.000 meters and more. E.g. in Moscow in the district Losiny Ostrov “Crohn” zone with a radius of more than 2.000 meters is discovered. In Ostankino there is “Crohn” zone with a radius of more than 200 meters, in the territory of which the TV tower is partially situated. At the place, where the former Baumansky market was located, there are two “Crohn” zones with a radius of more than ten meters, which, as we consider, are the main cause of its collapse, because “Crohn” zone weakens intermolecular bonds.

In American Minneapolis, in the area of the fallen bridge over the Mississippi river in 2007, there is “Crohn” zone with a radius of more than 100 meters. In the Bermuda triangle on the route of the fifth squadron of USAF, lost in 1945, there is “Crohn” zone with a radius of about 2.300 meters.

Biospheric pathogenic zones are easily discovered on motor roads. All these places are tagged with crosses along a road. On the motor roads of Moscow and Moscow region there are many mysterious places, where there are no hairpin bends, slopes, no other factors, disturbing process of traffic, however large road accidents occur with the definite frequency in these places, as it is said “in the even place”. E.g. such a place is Lefortovo tunnel, through which a ray of “Crohn” zone penetrates. Many BPZ are detected on the Kutuzovsky prospekt, Moscow Automobile Ring Road and other highways. Our examinations, carried out in common with the State Inspection for Road Traffic Safety of Samara region in 2007-2010 on the motor way M5 Moscow-Chelyabinsk, indicate, that the overwhelming majority of accidents occurs exactly within the bounds of biospheric pathogenic zones “Onco” and “Crohn”. As a result of precautionary measures accident rate was considerably reduced in these “problem” areas.

Examinations in towns Phaselis and Kekova, founded by ancient Greeks in 6-5 centuries BC in the territory of the present Turkey and in town Nesebar (Bulgaria), and also in Luxor (Egypt, 15-13 centuries BC) indicated, that construction of these objects, including roads, was carried out exclusively in the localities, which were clear from biospheric pathogenic zones.

Five hundred years ago Paracelsus (1493-1541), a great scientist and physician, in his works also wrote, that pathogenic rays came not from the Earth, but from the stars, and these rays were the initial cause of many human diseases: “…there are two types of diseases, the cause of some is elements, and the cause of others is stars” and “the number of the star diseases is considerably bigger, than the element ones”. He also wrote: ”… stars can injure in the same way as a sword, but they do not cut as an ordinary sword, but open a body in compliance with their heavenly blade. Such diseases are treated by the appointed way, because the element medicine is absolutely powerless in such cases”.

Location in “Crohn” and “Onco” zones of hydroplants, nuclear power plants, bridges, multistory constructions and other objects is the most dangerous for humanity.

Research indicates, that the topography of biospheric pathogenis zones on the Earth is constant. But their parameters (radius, power and etc.) change according to the rhythms of variation of dissymmetry in the Earth’s Form Field.

For preservation of health and ensuring of safe life humanity should observe the following basic rules:

1. Eliminate house making in the biospheric pathogenic zones "Onco" and "Crohn";

2. It is inadmissible to build hydroplants, nuclear power plants, bridges, railways and motor roads in “Onco” and “Crohn” zones;

3. Route of sea and water tracks must be carried out beyond biospheric pathogenic zones;

4. Places with BPZ are necessary to fence from the ambient space for fire safe (to plough, dig, mow and dispose of dead grass);

5. Always to carry out neutralization of BPZ, if it is impossible to eliminate stay of people in them.


Discovery of pathogenic zones in biosphere and methods of their neutralization was the base for development of a New Conception of organization of healthy and safe life.


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