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Form field

Form Fields In Our Life And Golden Ratio


LeonardoA human distinguishes living and inanimate objects by a whole number of their features: colour, size, temperature, smell, geometric shape, but meanwhile a geometric shape has more information value.

The extremely important discovery among the others of V.A. Nekrasov is discovery of a field, radiated by any geometric shape – a flat drawing or a solid.

A form field with right parameters can be created artificially. Any geometric shape can be a dissymmetric source of a left or right form field. Such means were called “modulator of a field of a geometric form” or “modulator of a form” by V. Nekrasov. The extent of left or right dissymmetry in a form field, created artificially with a modulator, can be controlled, i.e. it is possible to set its value.   

A form field, caused by an objective physical reality – a geometric shape, has the following specific features:

1. A form field by its origin (source), features, structure and effect on living and inanimate nature objects quite differs from all fields, acknowledged by science today.

2. Specific energy is discovered in a form field, it consists of the leftism and rightism and has dissymmetry.

3. A form field is a geometric structure, built according to geometric characteristics of an object – a source of this field.

4. The sources of the similar form field (left/left or right/right) are mutually attracted (the similar attracts the similar), the sources of the opposite form field (left and right) are pushed off from each other.

5. The extent of a form field at the concrete spot of space is a sum of intensity of the fields, created at this spot of space by every geometric form separately (superposition principle).

6. For a living cell a form field of natural or artificial origin is a paramount factor, providing the behavior of biochemical processes in it, including detection of a state of its electromagnetic field.

7. The dissymmetric change in the external form filed, surrounding a cell, causes change of the features of its own form field.

8. A left and right form field of natural and artificial origin influence on left and right organisms differently. A left cell needs more leftism energy for life, a right one needs more rightism energy.

9. The geometric structural organization of a form field can be built with the observance of the golden section rules as well as with their breach. A source of a form field, created with the observance of the golden section rule, radiates a harmonious (healthy) form field for human organism. Form fields, built with breach of the golden section rules, are pathogenic, i.e. harmful to human organism.

10. A pathogenic form field substantially harms to an organism on its embryo developing level and during the time of its active growth.

11. As a result of the effect on water of a left or right form field, it accordingly acquires the left or right optical activity.

12. As a result of the effect on healthy water of a pathogenic form field, the given water acquires a feature of the given field’s pathogenicity.

The results of research indicate, that a whole range of the discovered features of a form field is a cogent proof of its real existence. The knowledge of the form field features unshrouds many nature secrets unsolvable to this day.

As it is said above, a geometric shape can be built with such laws of proportionality as “golden ratio” (GR), the Fibonacci number, “golden proportion” (GP). The first testimonies about the “golden section” proportions were found in Euclid's “Elements” (III century AD). The Pythagoreans associated a notion of GS with a conception about harmony. At the Pythagoras times it paid much attention to the given proportionality by construction of dwelling, temples, erection of statues and etc.

It is known, that constructed buildings, pictures, musical compositions achieve the highest perfection and gain general acceptance only in that case, if during their creating the golden section rule is strictly observed. It is established, that the proper proportionalities exist in human organism. It is an ideal norm, for which an organism strives by homeostasis providing.

For example, all discovered pyramids and adornments found in it, temples, and also proportions of statues of people bodies correspond to this rule. Our examinations, carried out in the places of the towns, founded in the Ancient Greece and Egypt convince us, that even by the first pharaohs the knowledge about GS proportions were used for organization of healthy life, even the foundations, laid at those times corresponded to the proportions of GS. Moreover, the foundations of those buildings are strictly sited to the structure of the Earth’s Form Field and repeat its dimensions. During examination of the parameters of the Earth’s Form Field, the sizes of its geometric cells of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in different latitudes V.A. Nekrasov discovered mathematical dependence, approximate to the numbers of golden section or the numbers, connected with it. I.e. the structure of the Earth’s Form Field always corresponds to the proportions of Golden section and other proportionalities, connected with it. It indicated, that ancient people knew about the structure of the Earth’s Form Field. But to the beginning of a new era the knowledge about Golden section and biospheric organization was lost.

In the middle ages the interest to the antique philosophic doctrines arose again. The term “golden section” was introduced into science by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). But after him humanity forgot once again about Golden section.

In 1855 a German professor L. Zeising published his research “Aesthetic investigations”, where he rose the problem of the golden section again. In Russia the first monograph, devoted to the golden section in nature and art, was out in 1876. Nowadays all over the world the golden section principle is the basic one in music, painting, architecture, sculpture.

The golden section principle as supreme manifestation of the structural and functional perfection of the whole and its parts in nature are also based in all forms of a living substance, from a cell to structural elements of the Earth’s Form Field. It is also noted, that if these regularities are broken, all functions of a living organism are oppressed, that causes general weakening and illness.

As a result of application by a human of a healthy natural or artificial form field recovering of all organism cells, organs and organism systems through rejuvenescence of cells occur, as a result of recovering of proportions of golden section in their geometric form.

For the first time we know about this method of maintenance of health from the description of the Pythagoreans’ life, the Pythagorean star or Pythagoras’ star, used for health maintenance and treatment, is an example of that.

Invaluable contribution to medicine development, based on application of geometric drawings, was made by a great physician and scientist Paracelsus. C.G. Jung in his report “Paracelsus as a physician”, dedicated to 400 anniversary from the day of Paracelsus death (September 7, 1941), wrote: “According to this Paracelsus developed sketches of many amulets and seals”. Using geometric drawings with observance of proportions of the golden section five hundred years ago, Paracelsus saved people from many severe diseases, which today are unresponsive to treatment with the element medicine.


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