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About V.I. Vernadsky’s Hypotheses In The Light Of New Discoveries


VernadskyIn his works V. Vernadsky assigned an important place to study questions of leftism-rightism and dissymmetry manifestation in nature (in objects and Earth’s biosphere). V. Vernadsky asserted, that only disbalance state of the leftism-rightism in biosphere provided for origin of a living form of material process. As a necessary condition of life origin and existence on the Earth he put forward a hypothesis about existence of dissymmetry in biosphere. In 1931 V. Vernadsky wrote: “The geochemical study of life makes to pay insistent attention to the L. Pasteur’s works and the ways, he pointed, about the different character of the space, occupied by life, living organisms, and on its dissymmetry. Here by means of the life study we, more deeply and in a new way, than physics, penetrate the features of the world, surrounding us”.

The foundation of this school in science was laid by V. Vernadsky in his hypotheses:

- space, occupied by life must have a peculiar geometry, which is not an ordinary Euclidean one;

- biospheric space must have the leftism-rightism energy;

- biosphere must have a feature of dissymmetry, and exactly this phenomenon enabled life origin and provides for its existence;

- on the Earth there must exist not only right life forms, but left ones as well, therefore there must be conditions for origin of right as well as left types of organisms.

Starting from the twenties of the last century, V. Vernadsky made much efforts to organize the International special institution, which would study the questions of living substance. He insisted on necessity and immediate statement of experimental examination of phenomena, connected with a living substance and geometric structure of space, surrounding us. Unfortunately, V. Vernadsky’s dream was not fated to come true during his lifetime. And only at the end of the XX century multiple investigations were carried out, the result of which was the following discoveries by V.A. Nekrasov:


It was discovered

- leftism-rightism energy in biosphere;

- geometric law of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in biosphere;

- a phenomenon of dissymmetry, got the name “biospheric dissymmetry”;

- distribution of biospheric dissymmetry round the planet by latitudes, altitudes and hemispheres;

- a number of rhythms of change of biospheric dissymmetry;

- left organisms;

- law of dissymmetric distribution in left and rights types of people;

- law of distribution of left and right types of people all over the Earth;

- a new type of interaction, a new field – form field and its features;

- round-shaped areas of two basic types in the Earth’s Form Field, got the name “Onco” and “Crohn”, which are pathogenic and actual dangerous for human health.


Finally it can be stated, that V.I. Vernadsky’s dreams and intentions are realizing nowadays. The scale of discoveries and scope of investigative tasks on the agenda by solving of problems of preservation and recovery of health caused a necessity to set up the International Academy of Fine Field Ecology and Health, the mission of which is creation of modern technologies, providing for conditions for organization of healthy and safe life on the planet.

More than one year International Institute is practically working within the Academy, uniting experts of different countries, cooperating with laboratories from all over the world. Within the new discoveries in biosphere scientific researches and experimental work are constantly carried out, new technologies are developing, seminars and theoretical and practical conferences are conducted for exchange of experience and knowledge.  

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