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Form field

Biospheric dissymmetry

«It should be stated in the firm belief, that presence of dissymmetry in medium exists in full depth of microcosm and macrocosm, it is a necessary criterion for origin and occurrence of life»

V.A. Nekrasov


Humanity got to know about existence of the leftism-rightism phenomenon in nature from the moment of invention of a polarimeter in 1815. In 1847 L. Pasteur discovered simultaneous existence of two molecular forms with the left and right optical activity in one living substance as well as that equal quantity of these molecular forms could not be in one substance. The new phenomenon was called dissymmetry by L. Pasteur.

What can be the cause of origin of dissymmetry, such inequality of left and right molecular forms, in a substance?

Lois Pasteur, Pierre Curie and V.I. Vernadsky supposed, that the cause of origin of dissymmetry in a substance was existence of the similar phenomenon in the environment.

Such the greatest philosophers as Gauss and Kant also approached the question about the leftism-rightism in the environment. V. Vernadsky wrote: “In the first half of the last century from the time of K.F. Gauss (1777-1855) it became clear, that the rightism-leftism is a geometric feature of space… The rightism-leftism is not connected only with the material medium. It is evident in energy processes as well as in the physical real vacuum”.

Such a supposition about existence of left and right powers in nature reduced to the unique experiment. For the first time V. Nekrasov used a polarimeter not to examine a substance for its optical activity, but to test existence of external forces in the biosphere, which would influence on the optical activity of the water in the polarimeter envelope.

During exploration of different places of the space in the same latitude and altitude in the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth the following regularities were discovered:

- by moving a polarimeter in the biosphere, the water in the tube constantly changes its optical features. I.e. the plane of the polarized light at different places of space turns sometimes more to the left, or sometimes more to the right. These changes of the optical activity of the water define the level of dissymmetry at the current place of space;

- the characteristic stable cells were discovered by changing of optical features of the water at different places of biosphere. More left energy was observed in some cells, and more right one in the others. It is found, that the leftism-rightism energy in the Earth’s biosphere is distributed by the strict geometric law I.e. it became possible to determine by a polarimeter the quantity difference between the leftism-rightism energies in neighbouring cells at any place of space. This quantity difference is dissymmetry of space. The present phenomenon got the name "biospheric dissymmetry”.

It has been found experimentally that molecules of the overlay of the Earth’s crust are distributed according to the geometric law of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in biosphere. The depth of distribution is 10-12 meters. There are more left molecular forms in the biospheric cells with predominance of left energy in the overlay of the Earth crust, and there are more right ones in the cells with predominance of right energy. A geometric matrix, being a 10-12-meter-stratum of distributed left and right molecular forms, in turn is a secondary source of the leftism-rightism energy, filling some space round the Earth – above land it is approximately up to 10.000 meters, above water surface – at a height of more than 10.000 meters. This secondary effect is a source, supporting natural biospheric dissymmetry.  

Thus, the four new phenomena were discovered:

1. Existence of the leftism-rightism energy in biosphere;

2. Geometric law of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in space;

3. Existence of biospheric dissymmetry in space of the Earth’s biosphere;

4. Molecular distribution of the overlay of the Earth’s crust and water in the Earth’s biosphere as a matrix, repeating the structure of distribution of the leftism-rightism energy.

Distribution of the leftism-rightism energy in the Earth’s biosphere as a special cellular structure with the appropriate dissymmetry at any place of space got a name "Earth’s Form Field".   


*Polarimeter – a device, based on the compound Fresnel’s prism, which is intended for measuring of a size of angular rotation of the polarized plane, conditioned by a particular type of double refraction.

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