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Discovered regularities of life on the Earth and New physics


In 1929 V.I. Vernadsky wrote the article "Study of life phenomena and new physics”, which convinces us today to examine the problem of life origin and occurrence especially in terms of existence of the leftism-rightism energy in the Earth’s biosphere, its geometrical and dissymmetric structure [1]. V.I. Vernadsky (1863-1945) was one of few scientist-naturalists, who had a philosophically holistic view at a system of phenomena of micro- and macroscale. He interpreted life under conditions of the Earth’s biosphere as a phenomenon, which is directly connected with the structure of the Universe. The same article refers us to search for proofs of Lois Pasteur’s (1822-1895) and Pierre Curie’s (1859-1906) statements concerning special dissymmetry in all living things and its cosmic cause. 

The phenomenon of dissymmetry was discovered by L. Pasteur in 1848 by detecting of two molecular forms in one substance, namely of left and right stereoisomers, which had left and right optical activity respectively. L. Pasteur experimentally proved, that in one substance the quantity of left and right molecular forms was always unequal, and this difference was called “dissymmetry” by him [2, 3]. Concerning this discovery V.I. Vernadsky wrote: " In 1858 for the first time L. Pasteur realized a basic significance of this phenomenon, which he unsuccessfully called dissymmetry” [4]. V.I. Vernadsky wrote, that after L. Pasteur P. Curie generalized the notion “dissymmetry”, examining this phenomenon in a substance and organisms as its particular case. P. Curie went into the question of dissymmetry in physical fields. He wrote, that for dissymmetry origin in a substance it needed influence on it of two fields, one of which would have leftism and the other – rightism, i.e. the fields, engendering the phenomenon of dissymmetry in a superposition. P. Curie tried to reveal dissymmetry in electromagnetic field, but came to the conclusion, that this field did not have such a phenomenon [5].

Being engaged in elaboration of the theory of biosphere, V.I. Vernadsky put forward the idea, that occurrence of dissymmetry in it made it possible to engender life and provided its existence. Unfortunately, this hypothesis was not appreciated by a contemporary scientific thought and stayed in oblivion more than half a century. Scientists, beginning from the moment of discovery of radioactive substances, are most of all interested in energy processes in microcosm (electron, atom, nucleus), for the sake of these cases institutions are established, accelerators and colliders are built and etc. A number of scientists are interested in questions of the Universe origin, Big Bang theory, “black” and “white” holes, superstrings and etc. At the same time, such the most important branch as investigation of biosphere and a human in it as a geometric substratum, filled and united by two forms of energy, having the features of the leftism and rightism, turned out to be not practically covered by scientific thought.

Generally biology, genetics and ecology deal with the problems of investigation of human and his correlation with biosphere. Because of subspecialty in science in the XX century there was lost a holistic systemic approach to study of particular interrelation, general regularities in molecular and cellular organization in all living things, connected with geometric features of the Earth’s biosphere and the whole space. What must be the base of this forgotten and simultaneously new for nowadays branch in science?

Let us recollect V.I. Vernadsky’s hypotheses about structure of biosphere [4,6].

Firstly, space of biosphere must have the leftism-rightism energy, which distributed in it by the certain geometric structure.

In the course of experiments we have got proofs, that besides fields, known to science, there really exists a field in biosphere, which has the features of the leftism-rightism, and the base of which is geometric structure, and the way of energy exchange in it differs from the known types of interactions. The peculiar geometry of this field manifests itself in all space of biosphere of the Earth and in all living substance [7]. In the first half of the XX century a famous biophysicist A.G. Gurvich introduced in science the notion and term “biological field” as a single factor, defining the direction and order of biological processes. He drew a conclusion, that “the basic notion in biology is a form, i.e. the regularity only of spatial parameters of living systems” [8-10]. For the first time he also wrote, that the cell’s function is defined by its geometric form, and electromagnetic field is assigned a secondary role. Unfortunately, his geometric ideas were initially prohibited in our country, then forgotten, and to the end of the XX century the notion of biological field was finally misrepresented.

The second hypothesis of V.I. Vernadsky about dissymmetry states, that biosphere, having the leftism-rightism energy, must have the feature of dissymmetry, and just this phenomenon enabled to engender life and provided its existence.

V.A. Nekrasov’s discoveries showed, that there is more left energy in some biospheric areas, and in some ones – more right energy. It means, that there is biospheric dissymmetry at any place of space. The important discovery is the fact, that biospheric dissymmetry has changeability with the definite rhythmicity and these rhythms influence essentially on all living and nonliving things in biosphere, including weather conditions [11].

The third hypothesis by V.I. Vernadsky characterizes existence on the Earth of conditions for origin of not only right types of organisms, discovered by L. Pasteur in 1848, but left ones, and also is corroborated. At the end of the XX century V.A. Nekrasov discovered left types of organisms, specifically left people, and also the law of distribution of left and right types of people, all living things all over the globe [11].

L. Pasteur, P. Curie and V.I. Vernadsky, summarizing scientific data, drew a conclusion, that there must be cosmic causes for dissymmetry on the Earth.

V.I. Vernadsky wrote: “Pasteur admitted a possibility of different state of cosmic space and hereby explained manifestation of dissymmetry, discovered by him in a living substance” [6]. P. Curie defined the basic principle of dissymmetry, which states: “The base of any phenomenon, having dissymmetry, must be the cause with the same dissymmetry" [5]. I.e. if dissymmetry is discovered in a substance, so it must be in energy processes of biosphere and in cosmic space, surrounding it.

Among the works of scientists in the middle and at the end of the XX century, closely approached the question of the leftism and rightism in living organisms, it is necessary to be noted the works of V.A. Kizel [12,13]. In the book "Physical causes of dissymmetry of living systems" he, referring to experiments of L. Pasteur and P. Curie, tried to sort out causes and  mechanisms of origin and maintenance of dissymmetry in a living substance from a molecule to a whole living system, specifically of stereomolecular and field interactions. Not found a convincing explanation of dissymmetric mechanism within acknowledged field theories and preferred none of them, he left the question open!

And only at the end of the last century due to the discovery by V.A. Nekrasov in the Earth’s biosphere of the leftism-rightism energy and geometry of its distribution, and also a single field, which has dissymmetry, the great hypotheses of V.I. Vernadsky are completely corroborated in this sphere of knowledge [14].

The basic discoveries of V.A. Nekrasov in structure of biosphere and all living things in it

It was discovered:

- leftism-rightism energy in biosphere, united by the feature of dissymmetry, which is distributed in the biospheric space by the strict geometric law;

- law of distribution of biospheric dissymmetry round the planet by latitudes, altitudes and hemispheres;

- a number of rhythms of change of biospheric dissymmetry. It is very important to add, that occurrence of dissymmetry in biosphere was a necessary, but deficient condition of life origin and existence. For life origin and existence on the Earth it is necessary one more condition, namely: biospheric dissymmetry must have rhythmical changeability;

- left organisms;

- law of dissymmetric distribution in left and rights types of people;

- law of distribution of left and right types of people all over the globe;

- a new type of interaction, a new field and its features.

As a result V.A. Nekrasov formulated a unified theory of a new field, got the name “The theory of a form field” [11]. The results of researches show, that this theory covers regularities of known types of interactions according to their correlations with life forms and biospheric space. Within the theory of a form field the known devices are adapted and the new ones are developed, which make it possible to examine features of known types of interactions, in particular of electromagnetic ones according to the leftism-rightism and dissymmetry, and also to develop technologies, which solve successfully tasks of ecology, preservation and recovery of human health and ensuring of further safety in terms of the right organization of living space.

The discovery of a new type of interaction gives a real possibility to create a theoretical apparatus of the New physics, which takes into account energy processes, occurring in the space of living systems in connection with geometric distribution of the leftism-rightism energy and dynamics of dissymmetric change between them. Practice showed, that dissymmetry is a quite sensitive indicator of physical state of biosphere and all living things in it.  

Scientists’ assertions about cosmic causes of dissymmetry in a substance got the experimental evidence by American scientists. At the end of 2008 the official site of NASA published a map of the Universe dissymmetry, its author is cosmologist Jo?o Magueijo, a professor of Cambridge university [15]. He called this phenomenon a name “dark axis”, which becomes apparent in disbalanced quantity of left and right spiral galaxies at different places of the sky as well as in different quantity of low- and high-energy elementary particles – muons, come from the definite, fixed areas of the cosmic space.

Thus, dissymmetry in the Universe as well as in the Earth’s Form Field and in all living things manifests itself in their geometric structures and in all energy processes.


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