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Theoretical and practical aspects of application of fine-field technologies within the form field theory by academician V.A. Nekrasov

19.08.2011 – 21.08.2011 (Arrival and registration: August 18, 19)
   Location: Russia, Saratov Oblast, Pugachyov town, Eco-settlement by Nekrasov (MATEZ field ecological base)



MATEZ (International Academy of the Fine Field Ecology and Health – Mejdunarodnay Akademia Tonkopolevoy Ecologii i Zdorovya) is honoured to invite you to take part in III International conference «Theoretical and practical aspects of application of fine-field technologies within the form field theory by academician V.A. Nekrasov»

Arrival and registration: August 18, 19

On the agenda:

1. New opportunities of adoption of fine-field technologies in medical health-improving practice of official medicine.

2. New conception of healthy and safe life and mechanisms of its realization.

3. Practicalities of fine-field medicine, twenty-year experience.

4. Problems of adoption of fine-field technologies in sports medicine.

5. Issues of personal and social safety:

- on motor, rail, air and other transport;

- on anthropogenic objects, factories, plants;

- by planning of economical activity

6. Topography questions of natural disaster occurrence and possibilities of its prediction.

7. Adoption of knowledge about fine-field biological rhythms in practice of life.

8. Means of adoption of fine-field knowledge in ecological training of schoolchildren. Tutorials.

9. Experience of international cooperation within fine-field knowledge and technologies and the general theory of a form field by Nekrasov.


Forms of participation in the conference:

– only publication without personal participation;

– personal participation+publication+lecture;

– personal participation +lecture;

– personal participation+publication;

– personal participation without publication and lecture.

Financial terms:

1. Arrangement fee is charged for:

– participation in conference and accompanying activities;

– receipt of a programme, certificate of a conferee;

– publishing costs.

2. Residence in eco-settlement, three meals a day, fee: 700 roubles a day.

Arrangement fee is paid in by transfer (including from institutions, different firms or sponsoring organizations) on MATEZ settlement account in rouble-equivalent at the rate of a current day of 250 $ (1 $ =1 ?).

Arrangement fee can be also deposited in cash on the first day of the conference. On demand the organizing committee sends an individual invitation, agreement and account.

For registration of participation in the conference it is necessary to send an application of a participant and materials for publication (theses to reports) till August 1, 2011.

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