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New means of rejuvenation and achievement of active longevity

New means of rejuvenation and achievement of active longevity !!




Nowadays the average lifespan of a human being in various countries is different and varies from 32 to 83 years. People in Andorra live the longest term – about 83 years, then in Japan – about 82 years. The average lifespan in Russia is 66 years. Why is there such a large dispersion of a lifespan among the population of the planet? Can a human being actually attain the age of 100 years? In his book «Essay about the human nature» the prominent Russian doctor I.I.Mechnikov wrote that all death cases before the age of 100 should be considered premature and occasional7. The existing outer and inner factors that speed up the ageing process considerably change the natural path of the biological life cutting back its term. Nevertheless today as well as hundreds years ago there have been nationalitieslong- livers on the planet which attain the age of 120 and more years. The example of this can be a nationality – Hunzakut (15000 people), the average lifespan of its representatives is 140 and more years. This nationality lives in the foothills of Tibet in the valley of the Hunzariver that is why the people are called «Hunza». 40-year old Hunza women look like maidens and at the age of 65 they give a birth to healthy children. Hunza people do not have any infective diseases, they have healthy teeth till their old age and they do not have any mental diseases. The representatives of this nationality die after living a long life, as we say, because of their old age, i.e. they die being absolutely healthy. According to Western science health of a population can be divided into groups each of that is characterized by a definite stage of market development and average lifespan (see Table 1).

Table 1

According to this classification Hunza people should have lived no longer than 30 years (postprimitive type). According to Western estimates, their economy is situated between «economy of defalcation» and «predial economy» stages. But despite the fact that living conditions of this nationality are unfavorable: little water, no forests, no fertile soils, life in caves, no saunas, no hot water and soap, no medical service, their lifespan is considerably higher than that of the Europeans. Hunza people are illiterate and they do not use the goods of the civilization. They intermarry only with the representatives of their small nationality which, from the point of the Western science, should have resulted in total degeneration of the nationality.

It is notable that compared with neighboring nationalities only Hunza people enjoy high lifespan, capacity for work and flow of spirits

So how do Hunza people manage to live that long in such unfavorable living conditions? Scientists from different countries have been studying the phenomenon of Hunza people for more than 200 years. There has been introduced plenty of speculations on their longevity. But only in the end of XX – in the beginning of XXI century the Russian scientist V.A.Nekrasov made a number of discoveries in the field of the Earth biosphere’s structure and human health which made it possible to reveal the reason for such longevity of Hunza people9-14.

The law of distribution of energetic biospheric dissymmetry named Form Field of the Earth is one of the fundamental laws opened by V.A.Nekrasov. The first scientist who experimentally revealed dissymmetry (1848) and gave a notion to that was Luis Pasteur. Dissymmetry – is an imbalance of left and right forms of molecules in a living matter that are similar in terms of compound. Pasteur came to a precious conclusion that dissymmetry of a living matter should inevitably be defined by cosmic powers. V.I.Vernadskiy wrote: «…L.Pasteur was almost a lonely thinker who understood the cosmic meaning of dissymmetry and the main display of leftism-rightism in living organisms and the structure of chemical conjunctions of bioplasm2».

The main point of the Form Field Law is that the whole space of the biosphere is represented by an ordered geometrical structure with cells filled with leftism and rightism energy in dissymmetric proportion.

For several ages now the scientific idea has been moving towards to discovering a field connected with leftism and rightism. In the twenties of the last century V.I.Vernadskiy wrote: «Since Gauss and Kant it has become clear that leftism and rightism are the geometrical property of the space»2. The discovery of the Earth’s Form Field has justified V.I.Vernadskiy’s hypotheses about the existence of a special geometry in the biosphere, about leftism-rightism energy, about dissymmetry and its meaning with respect to origin and support of life on the planet.According to the principle of dissymmetry the two forms of energy of open interaction (left and right) both in the space of the biosphere and in the biological space are laid down by the nature. I.e. there is no difference between the structure of the biosphere and the structure of a biological space of any living system. According to classic physics: «The physical body is a special type of a substance; physical fields connect composite parts of a substance into unite systems and transfer the effect of one particles onto the other ones with final speed». According to V.A.Nekrasov’s definition: «Physical body is a space with inherent special geometry and properties through which and inside which there is interaction among various forms of a substance». The properties of that kind of interaction are connected with such natural phenomena as energetic dissymmetry, Geometrical Form Field and the golden proportion. The revealing of the phenomenon and regulations laid the basis of a new school in natural science – «of Fine-Field school»14.

Golden proportion and energetic nutrition of a cell

World science is familiar with the rule of the golden proportion or the rule of the golden section (GS). The GS proportion is a universal proportion typical for the Universe. The proportionality «golden section» is such a division of a single-pieced section into unequal parts when ratio of the whole section to its bigger part is equal to the ratio of the bigger part to the smaller part. This ratio makes the figure of 1,618.


fig.1 «Golden section»


The rule of the division of the section can be presented as: a: b = b : c or c : b = b : a (Pic.1). The solution to the problem of the golden proportion results in the equation X2+ X – 1 = 0, the equation roots will be the following figures: 1,618 and 0,618.

In Ancient Greece this proportion was called a «Harmony» and during the period of Renaissance of Ancient Greek culture in Europe it attained the name «golden section»6. The harmonic proportions can be judged based on monuments of the ancient culture of 3-2 B.C. – 1-2 A.C. When finding the golden proportion in the sizes of ancient statues the researchers considered that the golden proportion only manifested in a human body. By now the researchers have found GS’s in different fields of knowledge. K.B.Butuzov showed that the ratio of the periods of neighboring planets’ rotation around the Sun was equal either to the «golden figure» F = 1,618 or its square F2 = 2,6181. Contemporary researches showed that not only outer sizes of a body but also geometry of cells, ratio of liquids in an organism, bioelectrical activity of the bigger hemispheres of celebrum, cardiac rhythm, pressure and so onwere connected with the ratio of golden proportion in a human being5. The golden section is directly connected with the figures of Fibonacсi raw and many other ratios which manifest in biological objects and biological processes20. From the works (see 5) we find out that when analyzing electrical fluctuations of a brain of a human being there were registered 6 figures – invariants of the golden section.

The reason for such manifestation of proportion as the golden section in the nature is the structure of the Earth’s Form Field. The revealed by V.A.Nekrasov principle of dissymmetry in the biosphere that consists in allocation of left and right «cells» also manifests in the geometry of cells where the golden section and other harmonic ratios are applied10.

The investigations of historical monuments show that in the times of the first pharaohs in Egypt (7 – 5 ages B.C.) the builders were pretty much familiar with the geometrical structure in the surrounding space according to which they built houses and roads. For instance, the foundation of the pyramids in Egypt (Cairo complex), tombs in the pharaohs’ valley, temples in Luxor are placed according to the structure of the Earth’s Form Field. Perhaps under construction of buildings according to the golden proportion they found out those ratios in the surrounding space, i.e. in the Earth’s Form Field.

In the middle of the last century the prominent Russian biophysicist A.G.Gurvich wrote: «…the function of a cell is defined by its form, i.e. simply by spacious parameters»3,4. Gurvich suggested considering a cell as a natural invariant of a living system. The results of the researches show that the rhythmical processes in accordance with fine-field biological rhythms in the Earth’s Form Field and on the certain plot of the biosphere have a direct impact on the formation of a cell (living system) enduring its shape in case of an increase in left energy and rounding up in case of an increase in right energy. These processes accompany a cell during the whole life and define its development. Thus, the Earth’s Form Field is the source of fine-field energetic nutrition for a cell. I.e. the geometrical structure of the Earth’s Form Field is a morphogenetic beginning for all the living matters.

A cell that is formed in accordance with the rule of the golden section is a healthy cell and exactly such form of a cell is able to provide it with optimal function in terms of the Earth’s Form Field. Electric potential that defines electronic and ionic metabolism as the main mechanism of element nutrition of a cell depends on the form of a cell. Perversion of a cell’s form leads to infringement of metabolism processes and normal electrical potential which as a result leads to accelerated ageing, diseases and infringement of homeostasis. It is obvious that the primary factor in the process of ageing of a cell is the infringement of its «healthy» geometrical form.

V.A.Nekrasov has discovered the influence of the geometrical structure of the Earth’s Form Field on the spacious structure of its electromagnetic field13. Similarly, the electromagnetic field of a cell should depend on its form field.

The energetic dissymmetry of the Earth’s Form Field is the reason for molecular dissymmetry in a living matter. Molecular dissymmetry in living organisms is created by means of its organization starting with micro-level under participation of outer energetic dissymmetry. All the processes from the moment of origin and during the whole life are taken under the effect of outer energetic dissymmetry in the surrounding space for every organism. The support of a healthy form of cells by means of outer form field is nothing but a fine-field homeostasis the main source of support of which is the Earth’s Form Field.

In turn any geometrical object and accordingly a cell finding itself in the Earth’s Form Field becomes a source of its own left or right field of geometrical form. Leftism or rightism of a form field of a cell is defined by its form. Biological space of an organism in the form of its cellular form fields is a necessary structure for all the living matter through which fine-field nutrition is effected. Thus, health of an organism and a lifespan will at most depend on quality of its nutrition.

The main reasons for a cell’s ageing

In his works I.I.Mechnikov looks into well-known at that time hypotheses about the ageing of a human being the main of which was based on the fact that cells lose their ability to divide. Among the other reasons he pointed out vascular atherosclerosis, slagging of the connective tissue, poisoning by toxins8. Today one of the main reasons for the ageing of an organism is infringement of homeostasis.

New knowledge based on V.A.Nekrasov’s discoveries let us reveal the reasons and real mechanisms of an accelerated ageing of cells. In any case the process of a cell’s ageing takes place due to inner and outer factors that lead to infringement of its healthy form.

Let us divide the reasons for a cell’s ageing into inner and outer reasons. We have proved that the main outer factor of a cell’s ageing is biospheric pathogenic areas. In the structure of the Earth’s Form Field V.A.Nekrasov found out areas in which a harmonic geometrical law is infringed and there is no golden proportion in the ratio of left and right energies. In the whole space of biospheric pathogenic area dominated is one polarity sign (left or right). These areas in the space of the biosphere represent cone-like rays of different diameter enlarging at the height. Radiation in the rays of the areas is directed from the Cosmos, i.e. to the ground of the Earth. Due to its properties such areas in the biosphere were named «biospheric pathogenic areas» (BPA) by V.A.Nekrasov. A man who is prone to the effect of pathogenic areas has a depressed physiologic and mental state, and a long stay in such areas is accompanied by an accelerated ageing of an organism and apparition of certain diseases. According to the character of its pathogenic influence on an organism of a human all the found and studied biospheric pathogenic areas (more than 9000) are classified into two types: «Onco» and «Crone»13,17. The new classification of diseases the reason for which are BPA «Onco» and «Crone» is given below in Table 2.

Table 2. Classification of diseases according to the primal cause of origin up to V.A.Nekrasov

But pathogenic form fields can be both of a natural (in the form of biospheric pathogenic areas) and of artificial origin.The source of pathogenic form field can be every geometrical form because this source created under observation of the golden section rule radiates healthy form field for a man’s organism and the source created under infringement of this rule radiates pathogenic form field. Examples of pathogenic form field’s radiation are up-to-date electronic devices: cellular phone, PC, player and other devices which are plugged in with integral microchips of high density. It is known that on 1 June 2011 the World Health Organization included cellular phones into International list of carcinogens15. Since 2001 the results of our investigations show that the main source of carcinogenic influence of a cellular phone are integral microchips of this device because their structure does not correspond with the proportions of the golden section. Today namely cellular phones pose the main danger to the humankind due to the following reasons: in the view of its abundance (5 billion of people on the planet use cellular phones); a cellular phone is similarly dangerous both when it is switched on or off and when it does not have a battery supply; a cellular phone is always close to the body.

Except the outer factors in the view of pathogenic form fields that provoke an accelerated ageing of an organism’s cells there are also inner factors.

First, any element food contains both useful and un-useful elements for an organism that are compiled in the view of scums and poisonous matters. Infringement of a cell’s function takes place due to poisoning of both the cell and intercellular space.

Second, animals and plants that originate and live in biospheric pathogenic areas gain relevant diseases. Such food is impropriate for a man’s health because the cellular structure of these organisms is broken and the cellular forms do not find themselves in the golden proportion.

Any product presents two types of nutrition for an organism: elemental and energetic one. Let us name the infringement of the function of a cell provoked by elements and their form fields – a mechanism of inner ageing of a cell. It is known that the more an organism consumes elemental food, the more scums, poisons and toxins are cumulated in it and the sooner an organism ages. I.I.Mechnikov pointed out that senility is the result of a chronicle and slow self-poisoning of our organism7,8. The flux of elemental food with distorted geometry of the form of cells and molecules leads not only to a soon ageing but to some certain diseases: firstly, to diseases of gastrointestinal tract.

At the present stage of technologies’ development a special harm to ecology of our organism is made by artificially created additives (which improve taste and color and prolong the term of storage and so on) in the food industry leading to accumulation of a bigger amount of scums, poisons and toxins. They are admitted into an organism of a man along with household chemicals, pharmaceuticals of a modern pharmacopoeial industry which seem to be one of the most important factors of infringement of gastrointestinal tract’s activity. The foodstuff which are overloaded with synthetical components do not correspond with the golden proportion that leads to decrease of both energetic elemental and finefield value. In artificially created matters there is a lack of a natural dissymmetry and such elemental food can not provide a man with healthy and long life. A particular danger for health and longevity for a man is imposed be GMO products, broilers and fish because golden section is also infringed in the geometry of their cellular structures.

The water in a biospheric pathogenic area becomes dangerous for the health of a man. In this case the effect of homeopathy begins to function, but only the pathogenic one. In «Onco» and «Crone» areas a healthy geometrical form of the water’s molecules is infringed which becomes the source of a pathogenic pressure for an organism. Such water preserves its pathogenic properties a long time. «Pathogenic» water, when entering an organism of a man, affects the cells first damaging the cells of gastrointestinal tract. That is why the water intended for usage as food should not be kept in a biospheric pathogenic area. The water molecules in the air space of the biospheric pathogenic area after becoming pathogenic affect the organism of a man inducing the infringement of a function and diseases of bronchi and lungs.

Due to the fact that the number of sources of pathogen for a human increases every year and many of them aggravate the gastrointestinal tract’s activity we are forced to consume more elemental food (3-5 times more) than it is needed for nutrition of an organism. But in this case «the cells become hungry, as they say: «We swell because of hunger». Extraordinary consumption of food accelerates the process of an organism’s ageing. The results of investigations point that it is impossible to stop the ageing of an organism only by means of elemental nutrition even of the best quality, moreover we do not have to speak of its rejuvenation.

Thus, the main reasons of a human’s organism ageing are:

- Life in biospheric pathogenic areas;

- Consumption of food grown and stored in biospheric pathogenic areas;

- Usage of synthetical materials and GMO;

- Interaction with artificial sources of a pathogenic form field.

In Table 3 given is the subordination of a speed of an organism’s ageing from level of pathogenic pressures generated by «Onco» and «Crone» areas.

Table 3. Subordination of an ageing speed from pathogenic pressures

In the Table one may see that under the influence of «Onco» or «Crone» biospheric pathogenic area on a human the speed of ageing increases 2-3 times and depends on the extent of pathogenic pressure. Investigations showed that pathogenic form fields firstly of a natural origin were the main reason for a human’s organism ageing.

On the basis of estimation of summarized factors leading to infringement of a healthy geometry of cells and their systems one can make the following conclusions:

- The reason for cellular ageing of an organism are two main factors: inner – elemental and outer – energetic;

- The main factor of an organism’s ageing are «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas.

As a result of the investigations conducted we have managed to reveal the reason for the Hunza people’s longevity. This knowledge clarified the conditions of the place where the Hunza people live and what is the reason for their amazing health: there are no «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas on the territory they live. Besides, the Hunza people are not nomads, they do not migrate - that excludes the risk of entering «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas.

Means of stopping the ageing of a human’s organism and its rejuvenation by V.A.Nekrasov

Nowadays contemporary gerontology counts for several hundreds of theories and hypotheses regarding matters of fighting with ageing. The latest of them are: «peptide», «genic», «stem» theories. Unfortunately the represented hypotheses and theories are a failure. It goes without saying that it is important to understand primary causes and mechanisms of ageing to fight the ageing of an organism.

The revealing of the law of the Earth’s Form Field gave us a possibility to give answers to many questions which are connected with reasons and mechanism of an organism’s ageing. The Earth’s Form field is the main source of support of a fine-field homeostasis, i.e. support of the form of a cell according to the golden proportion. Infringement of a fine-field homeostasis leads to a quick ageing and diseases. There are quite a number of various forms of cells in the organism of a human, each of them performs its function and a geometrical form of a cell defines its properties. 500 years ago a well-known scientist and doctor Paracelsus wrote that every plant is given a form corresponding with its inner nature. This is a basis of his «Stellar medicine» (see 16). In V.A.Nekrasov’s works this medical school attained a new development and was called – a fine-field medicine.

The solution to the matter of delaying the ageing of an organism and its rejuvenation in terms of the fine-field medicine is achieved by restoration of healthy geometry of an organism’s cellular forms, i.e. returning to its golden proportion. V.A.Nekrasov developed a new method providing restoration of healthy geometrical form to a cell and supporting it in this condition for a long time. With this purpose he has developed special devices – sources of healthy form field named «form applicators». Form applicator is able to create biological comfort up to form field for a man’s organism (fine-field biological comfort). These devices are conceived to be sources of energetic nutrition and are intended for: support and restoring of health in case of different pathologies and functional distortions of an organism; neutralization of pathogenic radiance of cellular phones, PCs and other electronic devices; neutralization of «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas. Effective usage of form applicators is only possible in accordance with dissymmetry of left and right type of a human, blood group and type of pathogenic pressure12,18. The effect of these devices is exhibited in decrease of biological age of cells of the whole organism. The influence of form applicator’s radiance is effected by non-contact impact on the cellular form fields of an organism. The results of usage of form applicators show that their impact on cells leads to improvement of metabolic and functional processes in an organism.

Beginning from 5 April 2011 the whole range of form applicators including a special «Foton-R15» intended for neutralization of harmful impact of a cellular phone appear to be «devices of medical purpose». GOU VPO RGMU Roszdrav recommended «Form applicator» for usage in medical practice on the territory of the RF (expert report No. 70-EO-11 dated 09.03.2011)18.

Methods of fine-field medicine allow us to recover the biological age of a man not only up to the real age but considerably decreasing it thus solving the matter of rejuvenation11. The dynamics of decreasing biological age in the period of using V.A.Nekrasov’s form applicators is given in Table 4.

Table 4. Dynamics of decreasing biological age after usage of V.A.Nekrasov’s form applicators


By means of fine-field medicine it has become possible to achieve a considerable prolongation of healthy and active life. On the basis of new fine-field knowledge and technologies V.A.Nekrasov has worked out a Concept on organization of healthy and safe life9.

One may highlight the following rules in this concept:

First, it is important to avoid biospheric pathogenic areas or decrease their harmful impact by means of neutralization. For example, the investigation of a territory of the most popular long-livers – the Hunza – shows that lifespan directly depends on biosphere’s condition according to the form field.

Second, with the purpose of delaying ageing of an organism it is important to provide it with healthy elemental and energetic nutrition, thus preventing two main ageing factors: inner and outer factors.

Third, when choosing elemental and energetic nutrition it is necessary to take left or right biological type of a man into consideration.

Forth, food must possess dissymmetry which is close tocurrent biological type of a man. Food depends on his or her blood group. According to V.A.Nekrasov’s works it is necessary to outline 8 blood groups of a man: four for a left-typed human and four for a right-typed human13.

Fifth, it is important to exclude from the food the ingredients which are gained artificially, i.e. with infringement of natural dissymmetry.

The most important thing is that the primary factor ensuring the origin of a cell with healthy geometry of form is the Earth’s Form Field’s structure in which energetic dissymmetry is witnessed. The reason for a fast biological ageing of an organism and its most diseases seem to be its interaction with pathogenic structures of the Earth’s Form Field. I.e. the main reason for infringement of form of cells is the infringement of fine-field homeostasis. Only in cases when the space surrounding a man lacks biospheric pathogenic areas he or she should count of a healthy and long life.

The way of life of a contemporary man makes him move a lot that is increasing the risk of entering biospheric pathogenic areas. This fosters a necessity of conducting a wide biospheric monitoring subject to finding out pathogenic factors with contouring of plots of «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas that will give a possibility of providing ecological purity while building objects, i.e. conduction of a primary preventive measures of most diseases. Besides one should introduce screening-testing of population into health programs with the purpose of picking pathogenic pressures out from «Onco» and «Crone» biospheric pathogenic areas with their subsequent elimination by means of fine-field medicine.In this case one will successfully solve the matters of secondary preventive measures of diseases. The main means for rejuvenation of an organism is restoring of healthy cellular form that is achieved by outer impact on cells by the form applicator’s field.

More than 20 years of practice of fine-field methods of applying preventive measures and treatment of wide range of diseases and rejuvenation of an organism show that this way is a revolutionary way in solution of many tasks of medicine, ecology, gerontology and so on. Application of new knowledge and technologies in practice showed that nowadays any scientific theory and any its practical demonstration could not develop without the following knowledge: about energetic dissymmetry; about the geometrical form field; about leftism-rightism energy and geometrical structure of the biosphere.



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