Fig.1 Interaction between form fields
Fig.1 Interaction between form fields
Fig.4  DNA molecular model
Fig.4 DNA molecular model
Fig.5  Morphological dissymmetry
Fig.5 Morphological dissymmetry
Fig.6  Ammonite’s shell of L-type
Fig.6 Ammonite’s shell of L-type
Fig.7  A spiral galaxy
Fig.7 A spiral galaxy
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Philosophical comprehension of the principle of dissymmetry in the questions of life origin Nekrasov V.A., Plyashkevich M.L.

Published in Russian




Nekrasov V.A., Plyashkevich M.L.
NP MATEZ, Moscow,


Introduction: history of question development about the geometrical structure and dissymmetry of biosphere


The article presents a world-view system, developed on the basis of the new knowledge of spatial geometry of the Earth’s biosphere; of significance of a form in energy interactions between a substance and a field; of biospheric dissymmetry and the rhythms of its change. As a criterion of the truth of the new conception is equivalence of its propositions with a reality: not with hypothetic conclusions, but with the concrete experience. Not an abstract representation about geometry of space and objects is closer to the exact empirical knowledge, but a notion of geometrical heterogeneity of a reality, which is generated by the energy dissymmetry found out in biosphere.

At the beginning of the XX century, putting forward the hypothesis about the existence of the leftism-rightism energy in biosphere, V. Vernadsky (1863-1945) wrote: “In the first half of the last century from the time of Kant and  Gauss  it became clear, that the rightism-leftism is a geometric feature of space. And another fact is also clear. It can’t be concluded from the axioms, on which Euclidean geometry is based, anyway it must be included in axioms or postulates. Geometry can not ignore this pure geometric phenomenon any more. The rightism-leftism, as we see soon, isn’t connected only with the material medium. It is evident in energy processes and in the physically real vacuum as well.” [1]

V.I. Vernadsky conceded, that a special state of space, occupied by life, must have a special geometry, which is not the ordinary Euclidian one.

Till nowadays, nobody has managed to describe mathematically geometry of space filled with life. To create a conceptually complete theory of space organization, it is necessary to find out practically and describe a "new" field, which is capable to unite all kinds of interactions known to science.

Philosophers and mathematicians in the XVIII – XIX centuries: in their works I. Kant (1724-1804) and K.F. Gauss (1777-1855) focused a great attention on a geometrical structure of space, filled with energy; A. Einstein (1879-1955) dedicated to the problem of physics’ geometrization about the last thirty years of his life [2-5]. But the way of geometriztion, started by Clifford in 1870 and continued by D. Hilbert (1862 - 1943), supported later by his followers G. Weil (1909 – 1943) and A. Einstein did not take into consideration the significance of the leftism and rightism phenomena, pronounced in a real world; either ignored dissymmetry as a basic motive force, characteristic for the world of a living matter; disregarded the paramount significance of a geometrical shape itself as a field's source. Thus Einstein’s “geometrized physics” and other abstract physico-mathematical theories were still far from the world of a living matter and therefore from a real nature.

The foundation stones of the future scientific knowledge of spatial geometry; the leftism and rightism; the primary significance of a geometrical shape were laid by L. Pasteur (1822-1895) and P. Curie (1859-1906). Just these scientists opened new ways for science to study the features of forms and peculiarities of space, the features of distribution of forms in biosphere, which, as we can make sure today, are subject to a single geometric law. L. Pasteur became the first scientist, discovered experimentally (1848) dissymmetry and gave it a name. This phenomenon was discovered as a unique disbalance of left and right forms of molecules in a living substance. The further scientific search led him to the conclusion, that dissymmetry of a living substance must be inevitably defined with cosmic forces. V.I. Vernadsky wrote about this: “From the half of the XIX century, almost to its end, L. Pasteur was just a lonely thinker, who realized the cosmic significance of dissymmetry and the basic manifestation of the rightism-leftism in living organisms, in the structure of chemical compounds of protoplasm” [6].

As a whole, by the twenties of the last century a certain scientific platform for creation of a single geometrized theory of a form field, which is capable to unite all four kinds of interactions and the world of a living matter, has been prepared. But the concept of dissymmetry, introduced by L.Pasteur, did not take a place in the system of scientific knowledge of last centuries. The next scientist after L.Pasteur, who raised a theme of a dissymmetry in a substance and a field, was P.Curie, who formulated its basic features and the principle of dissymmetry. In the thirties of the last century V.I.Vernadsky wrote: “The way, discovered by L. Pasteur and P. Curie, is grassing by oblivion. It seems to me, the wave of scientific work must proceed right along this path” [6].

Besides Kant and Gauss, Pasteur and Curie, an outstanding philosopher, studied the questions of the leftism-rightism phenomena and dissymmetry in the energy structure and geometry of space, was a great thinker of the XX century V.I. Vernadsky. One of few scientists-naturalists, having a philosophically holistic view on the whole set of phenomena of micro and macro scope, he examined life as a cosmic phenomenon. His article "The study of life phenomena and a new physics”, written in 1929 and nowadays enables to look at the problem of life origin and existence on the Earth from a special point of view, taking into consideration the phenomenon, discovered by L. Pasteur, and pointing out unique biospheric factors, which remain unnoticeable for many scientists, who are engaged in highly specialized spheres of scientific knowledge.


A.G. Gurvich proved, that first of all the function of a cell is defined with its geometrical shape, meanwhile he gave the significance of electromagnetic field a supporting role. Attaching importance to the orientation of some or another processes in a living substance, though he did not separate strictly the leftism-rightism phenomena and dissymmetry in a cell’s field. The most important point, to which he came in the theory of a biological field, was that there were special steric (spatial - author’s annotation) conditions of some external factor, decisive for localization. A.G. Gurvich also wrote, that “we examine the cellular field as the basic, specific invariant of living systems” [9].

In the 20-30s of the last century the works by A.G. Gurvich were so popular abroad, that they were translated into more than 40 languages, and his discovery of mitogenetic radiation (biophotonic) became the basis for creation in the West (e.g. in Germany) of a total industry of BPA (biophotonic analysis), still popular nowadays. A worker of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss (Germany) F. Popp devised a method to measure a photonic biological radiation. The notion “biological field”, presented by A.G. Gurvich to the western science, over the XX century was changed a little. And today at the beginning of the XXI century, the contemporary researchers begin to present it as a “morphogenic field”, as usual relying on the fundament of the “electromagnetic” view of the world. But from the moment of the discovery of morphogenetic and mitotic fields throughout all his life A.G. Gurvich developed and extended the notion “biological field”, eliminating the priority of electromagnetic correlation. As regards that in the 40s of the last century he wrote: “Our formulation of the basic biological field’s feature does not present by its meaning any analogies with the fields, known to physics (though, of course, does not contradict them)” [9]. In his last monograph “The principles of analytical biology and the theory of cellular fields” he pointed out, that: “It’s quite natural, that the basic notion in biology is a form, i.e. the regularity only of spatial parameters of living systems” [9]. Made a geometrical interpretation to a biological field, A.G. Gurvich defined its meaning as a universal biological principle. The idea of orientation or “vector”, characteristic to every form of living organisms, about which V.I. Vernadsky also wrote, was expressed in A.G. Gurvich’s works in the following: "In every point of space inside or in the nearest environment of a living system there is a field, characterized with a vector, which is a result of geometrical addition of the vectors of individual cellular fields” [9].

A biological field in essence is a form field of a living system, filling the whole biological space, which ensures its correlation and energy exchange with external fields of a form in biosphere (see Fig.1).

Unfortunately, from the times of V.I. Vernadsky and A.G. Gurvich in a scientific philosophy few authors paid attention to the questions of geometry of a biological space and existence of a certain orientation or vector in it.

L. Pasteur, who discovered a molecular dissymmetry, conceded a possibility of a different state of a biological space, filled with a living substance. V.I. Vernadsky wrote about it the following: ”In essence we must see in the state of space a geometrical substratum of all material, temporal and energy manifestations… just this space we will observe everywhere inside living organisms – inside a bacterium or an elephant, for example, and some features of a right or left space” [1].

What should be meant by a “left” and “right” space according to V.I. Vernadsky? We are used to understand a space as a set of material forms as elementary particles or as wave functions and other abstract models. It is accepted to consider, that fields are generated with particles (regardless of whether they have a mass or not). We suggest to examine a quite different model of a field. The forces and energy manifestations, discovered in biosphere and connected with the leftism and rightism, have led V.A. Nekrasov to the scheme of the theory of a form field, which implies, that not a material substance is primary, but the geometry of a space is priority. Recurring to the world of a living matter, where there must be certainly dissymmetry, we find out, that to keep a form of a living object it needs an energy, the source of which is a geometrical shape, which has a proper energy dissymmetry. Let us agree to call this energy as an energy nutrition.

V.I. Vernadsky made it clear, that in human views about Cosmos there are two syntheses, "being on different development stages, quite diverse in essence and hardly compatible with each other”. The present outlines of the World structure within the materialistic models are convenient abstractions as the parts of scientific world outlook. But it has turned out, that they do not penetrate into all spheres of the natural science, they are obviously incomplete. As V.I. Vernadsky wrote: “… among with a physical theological picture of Cosmos there is another view about it – a naturalistic one, closer and more real to us, but more complicated than abstract physicomathematical models. In the scientific world outlook about the World, expressed in the views of mathematical physics, is considered as a scientific achievement, and a naturalistic world view is a rougher approximation to it”. But exactly the naturalistic world view is always guided by an immediate experience and experiment. The overturn in the physical realities about the World in the XX century was a cause, that a physical world outlook became as Vernadsky said “too closer to naturalistic one” [11]. Today a naturalistic view enables to present a physical model of “a living substance’s element”, which had been absent before in the structure of cosmogonies, theoretical physics or mechanics. And this event in the natural science is evidence, that the way of an opposing motion is outlined: now naturalistic views about a living substance, dissymmetry, the energy of a field of a geometrical shape (and etc.) bring closer empirical natural science to a physical world outlook.

At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries V.A. Nekrasov’s discovery of the geometrical law in the structure of biosphere, occupied with a living substance, became the basis of the conception of an essentially new theory of a field, which got the name The theory of a form field. Within a new theory it is getting possible to unite four fundamental interactions in a single field of a geometrical shape. The found features of a new field show, that it carries an ordered energy, connected with the leftism-rightism phenomena and dissymmetry and which is a chief source of the energy nutrition for all living things. If to speak about the leftism-rightism energy as a matter, the whole space of biosphere and Cosmos are consisted of this type of matter, distributed in a defined geometrical structure. Nowadays a conception is elaborated, which enables to realize a phenomenon of life origin  and biological space on the Earth taking into consideration the actions and evolution of the fields, which main feature is the leftism-rightsm and dissymmetry.

The geometry of space and Golden Ratio


In the XVIII – XIX centuries such mathematicians as C. Gauss, N.I. Lobachevsky (1792-1856) and G. Riemann (1826-1866) collaborated broadly the questions of the geometry of space. The main goal of their scientific search was formulated in the question: “What geometry exactly does describe the real physical space?” V.I. Vernadsky wrote: “We know, that Euclidean geometry and Lobachevsky’s geometry are just two among an infinite number of possible ones. They are divided into three stages (Euclidean, Lobachevsky’ and Riemann’) and today it is being developed a general geometry, which covers each of them” [2]. All these mathematicians considered, that finally this question ought to be solved experimentally. Today, talking about the geometry of space of the Earth’s biosphere, it is necessary to mean the existence of a strict energy geometrical structure in it. This space is partly occupied with the bodies of living organisms, partly with the objects of inanimate nature, but everywhere it is filled with different form fields, which have such features as the leftism-rightism energy and dissymmetry [14]. The space, occupied with a living organism with a characteristic form field, should be called “biological space”. P. Curie called it “a special state of space”.

The polarity of the vectors, characterizing cellular and field “geometrical structures” of living organisms, is set by their own molecular dissymmetry, which by-turn, at the stage of conception is defined by a value and orientation of the energy dissymmetry of the biosphere’s space. The figure demonstrates the law of distribution of the biospheric dissymmetry, called “The Earth’s Form Field”, and also the law of distribution of left and right biological types of people round the Earth.

The features of the Earth’s Form Field become apparent in the following:

— energy processes in a any type of a matter strive for revealing left or right direction, i.e. the features of the leftism or rightism depending on the place of their passing in the Earth’s biosphere;

— periodical inequality and dominance of left or right processes are the evidence, that in the biosphere’s space there is the energy dissymmetry, after that manifesting itself in a substance as a molecular dissymmetry. The molecular and energy dissymmetry are distributed in the biosphere’s space according to a strict geometrical law. They are the chief parameter of the Earth’s Form Field and any biological space;

— geometrical structure and dissymmetry in biosphere are conditioned with the existence of form fields of a left and right type, alternating in a determined sequence;

— the structure of the Earth’s Form Field is cells of the sizes, which depend on an altitude and latitude of location, in which there is always the energy dissymmetry of a left or right sign and where the proportionalities, connected with the proportions of the Golden ratio, are observed (e.g. 5/3; 8/5; 13/8 and etc.) 15;

— the law of distribution in the Earth’s biosphere of the energy dissymmetry conditioned the structure and development of a living substance at every stage of arrangement of a matter in the period of life origin on the planet in variety of its left and right forms. This law is well illustrated by a simple experiment. The direction of water flow in the funnel by the same conditions, but in different places of biosphere, is effected by an external influence of the Earth’s Form Field and acquires sometimes a left sometimes a right value, especially near the Equator (see Fig.3: the experiments by V.A. Nekrasov in Ecuador).

The law of distribution of the biospheric dissymmetry ensures origin and existence of life.

Even in great ancient times a humanity noticed, that every living thing on the planet strove for being within the Golden ratio and the proportions, connected with it. For example, the regularities of the Golden ratio or Fibonacci number, also relating to it, become apparent in a human organism at every stage of arrangement and functioning of its systems, including the geometry of molecules and cells; proportions of liquids; dynamics of cardiac work; brain biorhythms [12]. Any living organism strives for creation of such a morphological cover, which would harmoniously correlate with form fields, surrounding it, and hereby ensuring a normal energy exchange and the regularities, connected with the Golden ratio.

Our exploration in the places of excavations of ancient cultures in the territory of Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria indicated, that builders from the times of the XVI – XIV centuries B.C. left us the important artifacts, namely: the foundation of buildings were strictly sited to the cellular structure of the Earth’s Form Field. Knowing, that in these structures the proportions of the Golden ratio were observed, it would be right to suppose, that ancient people deliberately used that knowledge in construction of dwelling and other buildings, creating objects according to the strict harmony with the geometry of the environment [13-14].

The order of dissymmetry, discovered in biosphere must be a consequence of any dissymmetric cause. Where can be the cause of such a phenomenon? Undoubtedly, the geometry of Cosmos organizes the Earth’s Form Field, which is revealed in every living thing, reflecting the unity of the World. In other words, the leftism-rightism phenomena and dissymmetry in the structures of the Earth’s Form Field, manifesting themselves at the material as well as at the energy level, have geometrical characteristics, connected with the proportionalities of the Golden ratio, and this geometry is a basis of the existing world order.

V.A. Nekrasov’s discovered, that in the biosphere’s space of the Earth besides form fields, the geometry of which corresponds with the proportions of the Golden Ratio, there are areas, where these proportions are breached. These places are cone-shaped rays (zones), passing through biosphere to the earth’s surface and penetrating into the soil to a depth of 50-60 meters on the average. In the space, occupied with these zones, a harmonious geometry is destroyed; there is no dissymmetry and a left or right polarity is pronounced. In such places all living things are deprived of the necessary energy nutrition from the Earth’s Form Field, as a result of that vital functions of an organism are depressed [13-14].

The space of biosphere, where the Golden ratio is observed, is healthy for a human, because he is also arranged according to this rule. Therefore in the space, where these correlations are breached, a human loses the energy of a form field harmonious for him, i.e. he loses a healthy energy nutrition. Such a space of biosphere is pathogenic for a human, causing a disease. Any “healthy” space can be made “diseased” artificially, if to bring a source of a pathogenic form field in it. A striking example can be an integrated circuit of a cell phone, which reforms a “healthy”, i.e. a harmonious space round it, to a “diseased” one. Besides, such a space leads to disturbance of all physiological processes in a living organism, the result of which is its accelerated ageing.

The research, carried out in the territory of the towns: Phaselis, Luxor, Kekova, Olympic, Nesebar, Sozopol and others, indicated, that ancient builders knew about the existence of pathogenic places in the biosphere’s space. In these places they did not construct their dwelling and other objects, and also did not lay roads. For example the Pyramid of Cheops is situated in the distance more than 4 km from any pathogenic zone. And every tomb in the region of Luxor (The Valley of the Kings) is built in the ray of a biospheric pathogenic zone15. Perhaps it is related to the necessity to preserve mummies for a long time, because in the ray of such a zone every living thing dies (a method of conservation).

Dissymmetry in biosphere and its principle in the Universe


In the XIX century P. Curie suggested the principle, which states: “the basis of any phenomenon, which has dissymmetry, must be the cause with the similar dissymmetry” [16].  It gets added evidence, that dissymmetry in biosphere really has a Cosmic cause as Pasteur, Curie and Vernadsky [17] hypothetically supposed, and the base of which is geometry of Cosmos [18].

After the geometrical law had been discovered in the structure of biosphere, it was found, that it was connected with such a significant phenomenon in nature as the energy dissymmetry. This phenomenon proves, that dissymmetry of a living substance in its biological space, a sign of its orientation (right or left) and its value are predetermined with the geometry of biosphere’s space. It becomes clear, that an effective inception in origin and existence of any living organism is the energy dissymmetry of biosphere as a fundamental phenomenon of the nature. The result of the energy dissymmetry in biosphere is a molecular dissymmetry in a living organism as a secondary phenomenon. Besides, a molecular dissymmetry generates the energy dissymmetry of an own biological space. This fact is evidence in favour of that in nature there is nothing casual and that the energy dissymmetry generated by a form field of the Universe is a chief moving force in the Earth’s biosphere.   

The crisis of ideas, stroke the science at the end of the XX century, illustrates first of all that for a long time science was held away from the fundamental basis – philosophy, having lost its guiding force and being presented a little far from life, but there were tendencies of search for new ways of development in it. The principle of the Universe dissymmetry, generated by two opposites: the leftism and rightism, can be a basic category of a new philosophy, one more corroboration of dual polarity of the world. Dissymmetry is undoubtedly a source and cause of every motion in the Universe, penetrating into all phenomena of any space: from a macro world to micro one. P. Curie foretold this feature of dissymmetry: “dissymmetry generates an action, if there is no dissymmetry, a phenomenon is impossible”.

We come to the conclusion, that the principle of dissymmetry in the Earth’s biosphere is not only a source of life origin, but a condition of its maintenance. Just due to dissymmetry a highly organized matter appeared, where the energy dissymmetry of Cosmos defined all phenomena and its features: from molecular composition to energy interactions with the space of the Earth’s biosphere. Dissymmetry penetrates through the whole Universe, so the principle of dissymmetry is universal at any point of Cosmic space.

Unfortunately, from the times of V.I. Vernadsky and almost to the beginning of the XXI century in the scientific world outlook the principle of dissymmetry did not appear, i.e. science did not take it into consideration. From the moment of creation of a form field theory it became possible to realize and study the principle of dissymmetry more deeply and comprehensively, to draw its basic features. The inequality of left and right phenomena in Cosmic space (including biological one) and in the Earth’s biosphere as well is conditioned by a geometrical structure of the Universe. The dissymmetry of the Universe, connected with the world of the golden proportions, manifesting itself in the Earth’s Form Field, is a basic principle of harmonious existence for a human. The effect of this principle is noticeable in a macro and micro world, it is universal and manifests itself at all levels of the Universe.

The theory of a form field and electromagnetic interaction


Till nowadays it was impossible to explain the mechanism of the influence of the Universe dissymmetry on energy processes in the Earth’s biosphere, because the search for causes was conducted exclusively within four known types of interactions without taking into account the features of a special geometry of space. T he attempt to explain origin of left forms of proteins on the Earth by means of electromagnetic interaction undertaken by A.L. Chizhevsky (1897 -1964) as a result of flow of mostly left polarized light from the sun cannot explain the existence in biosphere of right forms of these proteins as well as of polysaccharides, polypeptides, nucleic acids, lipoids and etc. [18].

V.I. Vernadsky wrote: “Among invisible radiations we know only few. We hardly begin to be conscious of their variety, to realize fragments and incompleteness of our notions of the world of radiations, surrounding and penetrating us in biosphere, their basic and hard comprehensible for a mind, which is used to another pictures of world outlook, significance in the processes, surrounding us” [11].

The peculiarities of manifestation of the energy dissymmetry in biosphere are, that we observe dissymmetry in a big variety of left and right forms of a living substance. There is no doubt, that the leftism and rightism of space of all living things are closely connected with the energy dissymmetry of the space of the Earth’s biosphere.

P. Curie made attempts to discover dissymmetry in electric and magnetic fields, but came to the conclusion, that “an electromagnetic field does not have dissymmetry”. Besides he affirmed, that: “for origin of dissymmetry in a substance it needs the existence of two fields, one of which would have the leftism, and the other one – the rightism” [16].

Indeed, from two fields, generating in a superposition the phenomenon of dissymmetry, one of them must have the leftism, and another one – the rightism, the forces of one field predominance at the same time. This phenomenon was discovered by V.A. Nekrasov in biosphere in the form of a cellular structure of the Earth’s Form Field. The results of the experiments indicate, that an electromagnetic field of the Earth is connected with the features of the geometry of space: the geometry of the Earth’s Form Field determines the geometry of distribution of charges in the electromagnetic field of the Earth, forming certain cellular structures in it. As provided by these facts we can make the conclusion, that an electromagnetic field of a cell should repeat the structure of its biogeometrical field as well. Thus, complication of behaviour of a cell is defined not with its electromagnetic field, but with the state of the geometry of its form, the source of which maintenance is the leftism-rightism energy and the energy dissymmetry in the Earth’s Form Field.

Spiral characteristic of dissymmetry of a biological space and theoretical biology



We live in the space of the earth’s biosphere, which laws of organization are defined with the geometry of Cosmos, reflected in our organism as certain forms: molecules, cells, occupying together with its form field some space, called biological. The theory of a form field gives us the keys to understand the mechanism of organization of a biological space, the features of which are directly defined with the dissymmetry of biosphere in that place and instant, when a living thing originates. V.I. Vernadsky wrote: "As opposed to the features of the cosmic medium, a thermodynamic field of a living organism has a pronounced dissymmetry. We know nothing analogous among other natural objects on Earth” [11].

Today we see, that in a biological space there are the molecular as well as energy dissymmetry. The inequality of left and right phenomena in the organism manifests itself at the stage of constitution of the organism as well as at the stage of cells, molecules, structures of double spirals of DNA (Fig.5 demonstrates how molecule of DNA can look).

Next figure shows the mechanism of the morphological dissymmetry, based on the inequality of left and right primary spiral structures, included in the form field of an organism. The form field of this object is R-type (right), dissymmetry is 3/7.

In the fields, created by these forms, which produce a biogeometrical field of the whole organism in sum, there are reflected the leftism and rightism, based in the energy dissymmetry of the initial form fields.

The spiral character of DNA influences on the geometrical form field, which it creates. This form field must also have a spiral geometrical characteristic. When DNA molecule consists of more left spiral formations, therefore its sum vector of its biogeometrical field is left, and its main characteristic will be the left energy dissymmetry, so such a molecule should be called “left”. A right molecule has the opposite. As the result in every point of biological space, created with molecules and cells of the organism, its own energy dissymmetry is generated, which is composed according to the principle of superposition, and the whole organism inherits the sum vector, expressed in the concrete sign and value of dissymmetry. Predominance of left or right forces during formation of the structure of a living organism leads to that all developing substructures can select the growth direction: right or left. In other words, a left or right sign of the energy dissymmetry in biosphere in the place of embryo formation defines origin of a left or right biological type of the organism. Our long-term research indicates, that the molecular and energy dissymmetry of left and right biological types of organisms are distinctly different [14].

The spiral geometry of cells of all living things in biosphere: from the spirals of DNA molecules to the forms of embryos of animals and plants, and also spiral bodies of shells of molluscs are defined with the presence of the directional energy dissymmetry of a left spiral or right spiral type in the Earth’s Form Field.

The author of the article “Theoretical biology? It is still absent…”, a famous philosopher V.V. Nalimov writes: “any biologist always observes fine, hardly explainable effects, superposable on the understandable bahaviour of the system in whole. Whether is there some hint, given us by nature?” [19]. In the natural sciences we are used to observe compact forms of records: a periodic table; expressions and inequalities, contained in the formulae. Biology is an exception. Every year we discover new and new forms of life, meanwhile the classification is mostly descriptive. Recently many works have begun to appear, in which there are offered mathematical models of different biological phenomena, but all of this has not contracted the way to the compact notion of the knowledge in this science. It can be said, that dissymmetry, discovered in every living systems, in their biological space, must be a basis for recording of the sought-for algorithm of classifications of a living substance, because dissymmetry is characteristic for all living things, united with this unique feature.

In 1979  V.V. Nalimov writes: “Theoretical biology is getting not a wishful thinking, but an acute need. Science about a living thing was found in such a state, when we realized the extent of our ignorance in a specific but existence sphere. Living systems appeared before us in a new aspect. These systems are accidental in their essential manifestation, but a fortuity here as opposed to a non-living nature is organized so that hardly probable events play a decisive role. The present science, including such its parts as probability theory and mathematical statistics, turned unprepared to the meeting with such unusual structures.”

How did biology develop in the XX century? Transferring of physical and mathematical categories to the world of living things did not ease the description of the processes or forecast of possible events, just quite the reverse take at 100 years away from the course, which L. Pasteur began to lay. It is very important, that L. Pasteur started this way with a biological experiment, not with a hypothetic modeling. The significance and morphological character of dissymmetry were welcomed only by few scientists.

In the middle of the XX century biophysicists remembered about the leftism and rightism in living organisms again. Here it is necessary to point out the works of V.A. Kizel [20]. In the book “Physical causes of dissymmetry of living systems” he, referring to the experiments of L. Pasteur and P. Curie, made an attempt to analyze possible mechanisms of origin and maintenance of dissymmetry in a living substance from a molecule to a living system in whole. V.A. Kizel, examining the features of dissymmetry, already formulated by P. Curie, the chief one states: “…dissymmetry in a substance originates as a result of superposition of two different fields”, made a total analysis with all fields and correlations known in the XX century. Without having a convincing explanation of dissymmetry mechanism within the acknowledged field theories and preferring none of them, he left this question open!  

What today can be laid as a fundament of theoretical biology? The theory of a field of a geometrical shape enables to reveal the mechanisms of formation of a living and non-living matter; to unite the influence of left and right forces in their dissymmetrical relation on formation of spiral forms, being observed everywhere: from galaxies to embryos of plants and animals and to their DNA structures.

The value and sign of dissymmetry in a biological space defines the direction and intensity of the own form field of an object. The cellular structure of distribution of the energy dissymmetry in the Universe as well as in biosphere, the proportional relation of the leftism and rightism in the place, where a matter has formed, will also define matter’s proportions and forms.

Dissymmetry of a stagnant or biological medium we recognize due to the optical activity of a substance. The optical activity is a particular manifestation of the gyrotropy feature, that in turn is a manifestation of the spatial dispersion, i.e. a nonlocality of physical relations in a system. In an isotropic media gyrotropy becomes apparent in rotation of a plane of polarization of the light, passing through a medium. This effect got the name “optical activity”, known especially in chemistry and biology [20].

For example, electric polarization in the field of a light wave by the presence of the spatial dispersion will depend on the field in the given point moreover on the field in its certain vicinity, that can be described as the following expression:

P(r) = 1/4πr { (  - l ) E ( r ) + γ[∀E(r)] + α[, [V, Е ( г ) ] ] + . . . };

the second summand in the right part images the spatial dispersion of the first degree – gyrotropy [20]. The feature of gyrotropy in the substance becomes apparent in ability to rotate the plane of the polarized light, and more globally – in appearance of a certain angular momentum. This occurrence needs the presence of the proper energy dissymmetry as we comprehend today. It can be shown by analogy for a living media, that ability to rotate the plane of the polarized light, i.e. the optical activity, generated by dissymmetry, is responsible for appearance of “collective effects”, which significance is so important for theoretical biology. The second summand, which can be neglected considering its infinitesimality, can become weighty enough for living systems. This stereomolecular component (hydrostaltic as it is called in biochemistry) in different situations can change between very wide limits, at 2-3 degrees, and becomes more than the energy of thermal chaotic motion20. For example, for some amino acids these values were counted repeatedly and were from 400 to 2400 K/mole [20].

Thus, a valuable feature of biological systems – an ability in cooperative change of the features, exists due to the collective effects, which have been explained before by only the influence of accidental factors and hardly probable events without consideration of such a parameter as dissymmetry. This also proves, that appearance of the organized structures of a living and developing matter is obliged to the characteristic morphological dissymmetry as the basic manifestation of a field of a geometrical shape.

Dissymmetry as a pair category in the Universe


The present science again and again reverts to the theory of “world ether”, however it is called today: dark matter, torsion fields or physical vacuum. Science still needs such a substance to try to answer a big number of questions about origin and evolution of a matter. The most of scientific theoretical works were created by means of “mental modeling of a state of ether motion”, and the famous J. C. Maxwell’s equations, which underlay of the existing paradigm, would not have been formulated without a notion of some medium, which fills a space and transfers correlations.

A genius mathematician of the XIX century C. Gauss turned out a genius physicist as well. Supposing an undeniable existing of some medium in any place of space, he formulated “the law about the retarded potential”. In case this Gauss’s law is correct, it can be truth, that the existence of potential energy needs an energy flow from a body. What type of energy can be implied in this case? It can show empirically, that any body influences on the environment, generating the leftism and rightism phenomena in it, that becomes evidence by accumulation of this effect, observed for example on biological objects, i.e. it can demonstrate, that there are really the leftism-rightism energy in the space. A field of a geometrical shape has such a parameter as dissymmetry, which enables to influence on the course and orientation of all processes.

Still none of the theories about fields (before the discovery of a field of a geometrical shape) could not explain the existence of the leftism-rightism energy and dissymmetry in the space of a micro and macrocosmos. The existence of “pair” phenomena, including the forces of attraction-repulsion (e.g. gravitational interaction), can be explained by the influence of the leftism-rightism energy and its dissymmetry on correlations between macrobodies in the Universe scope. It also explains the mechanism of formation of spiral macrostructures like “collective effects”, observed in the world of a living matter, and which are mentioned in the previous chapter. The principle of dissymmetry substantiates the influence of dissymmetry of some object and transfer of this dissymmetry to another one, got in “the field of influence”, that is evidence of existence of left and right forces.

In the Universe there are two interconnected forces: left and right, which like two contrasts are in the rhythmical dependence, changing every time its sign and value, called “the energy dissymmetry”. Everything, occurring in the Universe, in every moment is subject and connected directly with the rhythms of change of the energy dissymmetry, so it is impossible to provide an exhaustive explanation for biological rhythms, if not to connect them with a variable value of the energy dissymmetry in the space of the Earth’s biosphere [14].

All discovered by V.A. Nekrasov rhythms of change of the biospheric dissymmetry, have a sinusoidal form, i.e. represents a harmonious process. Two opposite forces: the energy of the rightism and leftism, increases and reduces by turns, changing each other, and the processes, occurring in Nature and Cosmos and in the cells of every living thing. As the result the leftism and rightism in a living substance are in indissoluble unity as two contrasts of a whole, moreover they are always in a nonequilibrium state. Their dissymmetry generates any motion, and it is a necessary and sufficient condition for life origin and existence.

The energy dissymmetry and longevity


“Synthesis of a living natural body was never reproduced. It is cleared, that there is some basic condition being absent in the laboratories.” so V.I. Vernadsky wrote at the beginning of the last century. A century passed! It would seem, the development, which the natural sciences, particularly, physics and chemistry, got in this century, had must inevitably lead to disclosure of natural mechanisms with the purpose to create life forms artificially. But long and expensive experiments only confirm a human impotence in this sphere. The absence of the true knowledge of the natural mechanisms of life origin and failure of taking into account the most important factors, observed in biosphere, finally reduced to a considerable digression of a scientific thought in biology to a wrong side. Just it became a fundament of development of that anthropogenic and disintegrating by itself life layer, for creation and maintenance of which the whole industry of a humanity works (from geological developments to creation of artificial intelligence). On the way of revealing of the secret of longevity a humanity needs at first to expose the laws, existing in biosphere from the moment of life origin on Earth.

A famous Russian scientist K.E. Tsiolkovsky devoted much attention to a form and its significance for a life time. He wrote: “The life time of animals on Earth is very undefined: from some hours to some centuries. Anyway it gives hope to achieve a prolongation of life” [21]. Enumerating many factors, influencing on reduction of life time, K.E. Tsiolkovsky said about the main point, that all of them, functioning at the same time, “favours destruction of a form” [21]. Today we have proved: in order a cell becomes young and reproduces young cells similar to it, it is necessary to keep its healthy form. The long-term practical results indicate, that if to learn to recover and keep a necessary form of a cell and follow the laws of dissymmetric harmony within the Golden proportions, a human can prolong the time of his existence. The new knowledge and technology for prolongation of healthy life point out, that the aim to prolong life must not be considered only as a possibility of accumulation of material benefits, that today is accompanied by a critical situation in ecological, cultural and spiritual spheres. Striving for immortality must be based on understanding and correspondence with the laws of nature, on creation of the conditions of a harmonious coexistence in the environment consisting of contiguous biological spaces in the cellular structure of the Earth’s Form Field in a constant orderly rhythm of the change of the leftism and rightism energy. Discussing about longevity, it is to understand preservation of a geometrical form of a harmonious space, which we call “biosphere”, for this purpose it needs to keep dissymmetry in it. Maintenance of an own healthy form and dissymmetry in the space of the Earth’s biosphere is the chief mechanism for life prolongation of any living thing and as the result is a prolongation of existence of the conditions for life on the Earth. The answer at the question about life origin on Earth evidently makes it possible to answer the question about its immortality. Immortal existence in the Universe as well as a possibility of repeated life origin in it exists due to the Universe’s law of dissymmetry – the Universe’s Form Field.



The creation of the theory of a form field extends considerably our notion of the space of the Earth’s biosphere and a possibility of making a unite model of the World. After the discovery of this knowledge the Universe presents as correlated and developing by the uniform laws at the full depth from a macro- to a micro-world. The unity of the energy conditions of a fine-field interaction for a left and right life in the Earth’s biosphere determines the unity of other types of interactions in the biospheric space and in a whole Cosmos [13-14]. This conclusion does not deny life existence on other planets of our galaxy as well, perhaps, even in other galaxies of the Universe, because they are connected with the single law.

We notice, that in a society confrontation takes place in struggle of world outlook and interests. An inclination to one or another kind of thinking is determined first of all by a biological type of a human, or in other words a biological type of a human with a functional activity of his brain, that will be expressed for example in different thinking of left and right people, their character, world outlook, behaviour in a society. A left person likes geometric figures with angles, and a right one prefers rounded figures. As an example it can be a political satire by G. Swift in the novel about Gulliver’s adventures. It narrated about a severe war between little-endians and big-endians, which started, because they had different habits: little-endians broke bird’s eggs from a left tip – sharp, and big-endians – from a right tip – blunt (see Fig.8).

In most cases intuition is peculiar to right people, this type of people has a big exchange of information with the Earth’s noosphere. Left people are more inclined to a logical thinking. Moreover it is very important to understand, that a healthy human of any biological type is a human, who lives in the space of the Golden proportion, and just these people play a harmonious role in a society; by conflicts they are able to compromise. Meanwhile a diseased person of any biological type is a human, who as a rule lives or stays for a long time in a biospheric pathogenic zone14-15, who at some stage can get pathologies and mental abnormalities, narcotic or alcohol addiction, morbid dependency from a zone. In such conditions the knowledge of the laws of organization of a healthy and safe life in the Earth’s Form Field with the rhythmical changeability of biospheric dissymmetry and pathogenic zones determines to a considerable degree a quality and prolongation of life. A new conception of organization of a healthy and safe life of a human is formed on the discovered by V.A. Nekrasov laws of harmony of the Earth’s biosphere, which is determined by the structure of the Universe16. Comprehension of the Universe principle of dissymmetry becomes today a basis of the universe conception, and must become inevitably a heritage of most people on the planet. Acquirement of this knowledge is the way to a harmonious existence and healthy longevity.



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